Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery in Colombia

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Dr Jaime Roberto Arias

Carrera 40 No 5A 100, Cali - 760009,Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

Dr Jaime Roberto Arias Cali 9304
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery With this plastic surgery the sagging, skirts and sagging skin is handled, to enhance the silhouette and shape the body after major weight loss that leaves bariatric surgery. Read More

Dr Hector Garcia

Torre Intermedica Calle 7 39 197 1317 Office, Medellin - 050001,Antioquia, Colombia

Dr Hector Garcia Medellin
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery Bariatric surgery and its various techniques (gastric balloon, gastric sleeve etc) allows patients to achieve great lost weight, but then must be dealt with excess skin that entails. Read More

DCorpus International

Calle 9 44 11, Cali - 760009,Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

DCorpus International Cali
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Losing a significant amount of weight makes the skin saggy. When skin loses elasticity by being stretched for a long time, it often does not conform to your smaller figure after a successful diet/exercise program or weight loss surgery. The post biatric surgery will help contouring the body.

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Dr Felipe Castro Esguerra

Calle 51 No. 38 53,67, Bucaramanga - 680001,Santander, Colombia

Dr Felipe Castro Esguerra Bucaramanga 9364
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Massive weight loss affects the body differently for each person, leaving a variety of areas in need of enhancement to restore a contoured appearance. If you have reached a stable weight and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the time might be right to visit for post biatric surgery.

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Liliana Tello Quijano

Calle 3 Oeste 34 96 Consultorio 205, Cali - 760009,Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

Liliana Tello Quijano Cali 9391
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Weight loss patients commonly undergo a combination of procedures, which can include one or more of the following lifting and tightening surgeries. The post biatric surgery is a safe surgery and affordable surgery.

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Dr Viviana Garcia

Carrera 38A No 5A 100 248 Office Tower, Cali - 760009,Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

Dr Viviana Garcia Cali 9397
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

This post biatric surgery surgery is highly effective at adding attractive tone and shape to the upper arm, an area plagued by hanging skin. Arm lift surgery typically requires an incision made along the inside of the upper arm between the shoulder and elbow for a scar that's generally easy to conceal.

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Dr Diego Armando Franco

Calle 6 sur No 43 A 200, Medellin - 050001,Antioquia, Colombia

Dr Diego Armando Franco Medellin 9416
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

After weight loss the breast area gets saggy. The post biatric surgery helps in toning the breast area.Breast lift surgery raises the breasts to higher positions on the chest. The surgery also typically includes repositioning the nipples to sit higher on the breasts for complementary results.

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Surgical Group

Medical Tower Treasury Office 1337 Cra 25 A No 1 A 45 Sur, Medellin - 050001,Antioquia, Colombia

Surgical Group Medellin 9480
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

This popular post biatric plastic surgery procedure is well-known for its ability to improve the contour of the body after weight loss. It is a very affordable surgery as well as safe too.

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Dr Juan Daniel Rodriguez Mutis

Calle 54 No. 33,45 OF 705, Bucaramanga - 680001,Santander, Colombia

Dr Juan Daniel Rodriguez Mutis Bucaramanga 9362
Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery

After massive weight loss, men and women alike often complain that excess skin around their body hampers their mobility and causes discomfort. Post biatric plastic surgery lift removes this skin and tightens the area for a proportionate, toned result that improves how you look, feel, and move.

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