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Dr. Robert Davis

929 B Gessner Road Suite 106, Houston - 77024,Texas, United States

Robert Davis Houston 17947 1
Gastric Sleeve

Dr. Michael Lee

12319 N Mopac Expy 350,, Austin - 78758,Texas, United States

Michael Lee Austin 17992 1
Gastric Sleeve

Dr. Jay Kumar

7737 Southwest Freeway Suite 830, Houston - 77074,Texas, United States

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Gastric Sleeve

Southern Arizona Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

6320 N. La Cholla Blvd,380, Tucson - 85741,Arizona, United States

Southern Arizona Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery Tucson
Gastric Sleeve The laparoscopic vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure involves removing the lateral aspect of the stomach. We use a 32F bougie to guide us in cutting the stomach and creating a long thin gastric tube that holds about 60-80 mls. The operation preserves the pyloric region of the stomach and the nerves that supply it. Consequently, food empties normally into the duodenum. Read More

Texas Bariatric Specialists

14603 Huebner Building 2, San Antonio - 78230,Texas, United States

Texas Bariatric Specialists San Antonio 12740
Gastric Sleeve The Gastric Sleeve Surgery which is also known as Lap Sleeve, VSG, Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and/or Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a relatively new surgical weight loss procedure. The procedure was originally intended for a two step procedure in patients that were so obese that conventional procedures such as the bypass and duodenal switch were too risky. Read More

Advance Bariatric Center

321 N Larchmont Blvd Ste 505, Los Angeles - 90004,California, United States

Advance Bariatric Center Los Angeles
Gastric Sleeve Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is an advanced bariatric procedure that removes 80% of your stomach, leaving you with a much smaller, sleeve-shaped organ that holds 100 to 150 mL of food and liquid. Because your stomach is significantly smaller, you will become fuller faster and consume less overall. Sleeve gastrectomy is quite safe, and leaves all nerves and sphincter muscles untouched. Read More

Dr William Graber

104 Union Ave Ste 809, New York City - 13203,New York, United States

Dr William Graber New York City
Gastric Sleeve The gastric sleeve, also called the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, or just the sleeve, is an additional weight loss surgery option. If interested in the gastric sleeve, New York residents should contact William A. Graber, MD, PC for more information on the procedure. With locations in Syracuse and New Hartford, we serve patients across Upstate New York and beyond. Read More

NJ Bariatric Center

230 Sherman Avenue, Glen Ridge - 07028,New Jersey, United States

NJ Bariatric Center Glen Ridge 12706
Gastric Sleeve Sleeve Gastrectomy, also known as Gastric Sleeve, is a laparascopic procedure which reduces the stomach size to about 15% of its original size. Large parts of the stomach are removed and the open edges are stapled together using surgical staples. The Gastric Sleeve is non reversable as it permantly reduces the stomach size. Read More

Texas Center

8811 Village Drive, Suite 300, San Antonio - TX78217,Texas, United States

Texas Center San Antonio 12725
Gastric Sleeve Sleeve gastrectomy is a type of restrictive weight loss operation. It reduces the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of the stomach. A thin vertical sleeve, or narrow section of the stomach, is created by using a stapling device, removing approximately 80% of the total volume of the stomach. Populations of cells that may contribute in the stimulation of hunger are removed during this process. Read More

Pacific Bariatric

4060 Fourth Ave Ste 330, San Diego - 92103,California, United States

Pacific Bariatric San Diego 12728
Gastric Sleeve Gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive only procedure in the same fashion as adjustable gastric banding. Using a skinny tube, about 1 cm in diameter, a series of surgical staples are applied against the stomach to create a new longer and skinnier stomach that holds only 2 ounces at any given time. The residual larger portion of the stomach is removed because it can no longer drain its secretions. With the residual stomach removed from the body, the new stomach tube fills and empties with the normal anatomic connections and no bypass is needed. Read More

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