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Texas Bariatric Specialists

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Texas Bariatric Specialists San Antonio 12740
Gastric Sleeve The Gastric Sleeve Surgery which is also known as Lap Sleeve, VSG, Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and/or Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a relatively new surgical weight loss procedure. The procedure was originally intended for a two step procedure in patients that were so obese that conventional procedures such as the bypass and duodenal switch were too risky. Read More

Texas Center

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Gastric Sleeve Sleeve gastrectomy is a type of restrictive weight loss operation. It reduces the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of the stomach. A thin vertical sleeve, or narrow section of the stomach, is created by using a stapling device, removing approximately 80% of the total volume of the stomach. Populations of cells that may contribute in the stimulation of hunger are removed during this process. Read More

Dr Ajay Kumar

7737 Southwest Freeway Suite 830, Houston - 77074,Texas, United States

Dr Ajay Kumar Houston
Gastric Sleeve Sleeve gastrectomy (also referred to as Gastric Sleeve) is a relatively new, restrictive weight loss procedure that limits food intake; the surgeon laparoscopically removes approximately 60 percent of the stomach leaving it shaped like a tube or sleeve. Read More

The Davis Clinic

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The Davis Clinic Houston 12746
Gastric Sleeve Sleeve gastrectomy surgery, commonly referred to as gastric sleeve, is a restrictive weight loss procedure performed by making several tiny incisions in the upper abdomen. Small instruments including a laparoscopic camera are inserted through these tiny incisions into the abdomen Gastric sleeve surgery is designed to restrict food intake without interfering with the bodys normal digestive processes. Unlike gastric bypass, there is no cutting or rerouting of the small intestines. It is a restrictive procedure only, meaning there is no malabsorption of calories and/or nutrients. Read More

Dallas Bariatric Center

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Gastric Sleeve Sleeve Gastrectomy is a type of restrictive laparoscopic bariatric surgery normally considered for patients with a BMI of 38+ or if the patient has had a failed previous LAP-BAND surgery. Many sleeve patients experience an initial rapid weight loss and within one to two years have significantly decreased or resolved all of their co-morbid conditions. Read More

Center for Obesity Surgery

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Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas
Gastric Sleeve Also referred to as Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This is a relatively new approach, commonly used over the last three years.. It is the first component of the duodenal switch operation and involves removing the lateral 2/3rds of the stomach with a stapling device. It can be done laparoscopically (keyhole surgery) but is not reversible. It basically leaves a stomach tube instead of a stomach sack. Read More

Lee Bariatric And Metabolic Institute

12319 N Mopac Expy 350,, Austin - 78758,Texas, United States

Lee Bariatric And Metabolic Institute Austin 12789
Gastric Sleeve A stapler is used to remove part of the stomach to create a smaller hollow organ that restricts the passage of food. This results in a remaining tubular stomach also known as the Sleeve. The gastric sleeve involves removing 90% of the stomachs potential volume by removing the stretchiest area of the stomach which leaves a much smaller tubularized 100cc pouch. The newly created stomach is reduced from the size of a football to the size of a small banana and limits the amount of food and the speed one can eat and swallow at a time. Read More

Southwest Bariatric Surgeons

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Gastric Sleeve Option for patients who are very obese. Procedure: The stomach is divided and stapled vertically, creating a sleeve that can hold a small volume of food. Approximately 85% of the stomach is removed. Purely restrictive, no malabsorptive component. No portion of the intestines is bypassed. Weight loss is produced solely through restriction of the amount of food that can be eaten. Early studies show decreased complications in high-risk groups.Can perform as first stage if 2-stage procedure required. Read More

Ultimate Bariatrics

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Ultimate Bariatrics Fort Worth
Gastric Sleeve The Sleeve Gastrectomy, or Gastric Sleeve procedure, is a restrictive procedure performed on the stomach. The Gastric Sleeve does not involve any surgery on the intestine. Sleeve Gastrectomy has also been called Partial Gastrectomy and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. This weight loss procedure consists of making the stomach into a long tube, or sleeve, by removing two-thirds of the stomach which provides for quicker and a more prolonged satiety (sense of fullness) and decreased appetite. Read More

Dr Arsalla Islam

4312 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Suite 704, Fort Worth - 76177,Texas, United States

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Gastric Sleeve Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as Gastric Sleeve Resection or Sleeve Gastrectomy, is one of the restrictive procedures Dr. Arsalla Islam provides. The procedure uses stomach stapling to create a gastric sleeve. The stomach is stapled vertically into two sections: one section on the left (the sleeve) and another on the right. The stomachs natural connection to the small intestine is at the bottom of the sleeve; Read More

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