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Texas Laparoscopic Consultants

1200 Binz St Suite 950, Houston - 7700,Texas, United States

Texas Laparoscopic Consultants Houston
Gastric Band Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery is a safe and effective weight loss procedure that is less invasive than other bariatric surgeries. The team at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants is experienced in several types of Gastric Banding techniques, including the Lap Band. Gastric Banding is a low risk procedure that is appropriate for a variety of patients; while surgery is typically reserved for patients with a BMI greater than 35, those suffering from excess weight at a BMI of 30-35 may also be candidates. As with all weight loss therapies, success requires dedication to lifelong eating and exercise changes and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Read More

Dr Robert Marvin

4120 Southwest Freeway Suite 230, Houston - 77027,Texas, United States

Dr Robert Marvin Houston 12767
Gastric Band The Lap Band operation works by restricting the amount of food that can be eaten at a single meal, while also producing a feeling of fullness that lasts in between meals.The band is a silastic cuff that fits around the upper stomach producing a small upper gastric pouch. Like the Gastric Bypass the upper pouch varies somewhere between 15 and 30 ccs in size. Once the band it tightened it will only hold a few ounces of solid food at a meal. Food filling and distending the small upper gastric pouch produces a sensation of being full. Read More

Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center

4120 Southwest Fwy Suite 230, Houston - 77027,Texas, United States

Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center Houston 12760
Gastric Band Adjustable gastric band surgery also known as Lap Band is a weight loss procedure that has failed to provide durable weight loss. It was initially developed as a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass. Read More

Evolve Experts in Weight Loss Surgery

4120 Southwest Fwy 200, Houston - 77027,Texas, United States

Evolve Experts in Weight Loss Surgery Houston
Gastric Band LAP-BAND is a bariatric weight loss procedure in which an adjustable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, like a belt. The surgery is minimally invasive, so no cutting, stomach amputation or the use of surgical staples is involved. Read More

Houston Weight Loss

13323 Dotson Rd 210, Houston - 77070,Texas, United States

Houston Weight Loss Houston 12727
Gastric Band

Laparoscopic gastric banding is now a popular form of weight loss surgery. If are failing to lose your weight, you can go ahead with the laparoscopic gastric band surgery. The procedure is quite affordable and safe too.

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Dr Carlos Ferrari

915 Gessner Suite 375, Houston - 77024,Texas, United States

Dr Carlos Ferrari Houston
Gastric Band

The gastric banding procedure is done by placing a band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pocket to hold the food. The band limits the amount of food you can eat by making you feel full after eating small amounts of food.

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BayChoice Bariatric Center

11914 Astoria Blvd Suite 125, Houston - 77089,Texas, United States

BayChoice Bariatric Center Houston
Gastric Band

After consultation with your surgeon, the doctor will recommend the type of gastric banding surgery after determining your body mass index, your age and other health factors. Weight Loss Surgery may be an option if you have been severely obese for 5 years or more and have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise.

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Dr Brian Mizra

5757 Westheimer Rd Suite 104, Houston - 77057,Texas, United States

Dr Brian Mizra Houston 12755
Gastric Band Lap Band gastric banding surgery has helped countless patients like you lose substantial weight, and keep it off over the long run. The result is that they are healthier, often resolve their obesity-related health conditions, look fit, feel more confident, have more freedom to do the activities they have always wanted to and have a better quality of life overall. Read More

Dr. Irfan Wadiwala

13323 Dotson Rd 210, Houston - 77070,Texas, United States

Irfan Wadiwala Houston 17924 1
Gastric Band

The gastric banding surgery will commence with the infusion of anesthesia in the body. During the surgery, you will be in a sleeping mode. The surgery uses a tiny camera that is placed in your belly.The camera is called a laparoscope.

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Dr. Brian Mirza

5757 Westheimer Rd Suite 104, Houston - 77057,Texas, United States

Brian Mirza Houston 17955 1
Gastric Band

In the gastric banding surgery, the surgeon will be able to see the inside of the stomach. In this Weight Loss Surgery, the surgeon will start with making 1 - 5 small surgical cuts in your abdomen. Thereafter, the surgeon will insert the camera and the instruments needed to perform the surgery.

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