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Dr James Katsaros

174 Ward Street, North Adelaide Adelaide, South Australia, Adelaide - 5006,South Australia, Australia

Dr James Katsaros Adelaide
Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing large breasts to a smaller size with an improved shape.

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Breast Lift

A Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to lift sagging breasts and improve their shape.

North Adelaide Medical Centre

Suite 8, 1st Floor 183 Tynte Street North Adelaide, SA, Adelaide - 5006,South Australia, Australia

North Adelaide Medical Centre Adelaide
Breast Reduction

The size, shape and symmetry of a womans breast are often closely tied to her feelings of self-esteem and self-image. Breasts that are too large for the body frame present the following problems emotional & physical issues, poor posture development, local health symptoms as well as lifestyle changes.

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Breast Lift

The nipple areola complex usually descends disproportionately more than does the glandular portion. Causes include loss of breast volume, decrease in skin elasticity, increase and decrease in breast Read more

Dr Roger Woods

309 Wakefield Street Adelaide SA, Adelaide - 5000,South Australia, Australia

Dr Roger Woods Adelaide
Breast Reduction

Breast appearance is a defining characteristic of femininity. When a woman feels that her breasts are different to her ideal shape and size, it can affect her self-esteem.Some women develop very large breasts from an early age, and this commonly runs in families. Breast enlargement can sometimes persist after pregnancies. Women with large breasts can develop back, neck and shoulder pain and also rashes under their heavy breasts.

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Breast Asymmetry

Breast appearance is a defining characteristic of femininity. When a woman feels that her breasts are different to her ideal shape and size, it can affect her self-esteem. It is very common for breastRead more

Breast Lift

Breast lift (Mastopexy) is a procedure designed to tighten the skin of the breasts, making the breasts look and feel firmer, and reposition the nipples in a higher, more youthful position. There are aRead more

Wakefield Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

309 Wakefield Street Adelaide, SA, Adelaide - 5000,South Australia, Australia

Wakefield Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Adelaide
Breast Reduction

Breast reduction provides patients with relief from the physical symptoms caused by the excessive weight of large breasts. Breast reduction can also improve the size and shape of your breasts and correct breast symmetry when there is a significant difference in size between each breast. 

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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy is ideal for patients who are generally satisfied with the size of their breasts but are unhappy with the shape and droopiness of their breasts. In many women, loss ofRead more

Glenelg Day Surgery

4 Gordon Street, Glenelg Adelaide, South Australia, Adelaide - 5054,South Australia, Australia

Glenelg Day Surgery Adelaide
Breast Reduction

Are you unhappy with your larger breasts which are disproportional to your body frame? Then youre ideal candidate of Breast reduction cosmetic surgery. At Glenelg Day Surgery we have expert breast reduction surgeon who after assessing your physical state would inform you on how this procedure would help you in your distress state.

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Breast Lift

Want to know how much breast lift would cost in Adelaide? Contact Glenelg Day Surgery today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment wouRead more

The Trott Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Centre

282 Flinders Street Adelaide, South Australia, Adelaide - 5000,South Australia, Australia

The Trott Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Centre Adelaide
Breast Reduction

While this is largely a female problem, males can also suffer an unnatural breast development.
In the female, a technique is chosen to provide the optimal outcome with minimal scarring on the breast. In the young patient there is the hope, but not the promise, that breast-feeding will be possible after reduction surgery.

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Breast Lift

This is a female problem. Skin tightening is always required but the use of breast implants may enhance the outcome. Obviously the best time to perform this surgery is when no further pregnancies arRead more


Flinders Private Hospital 1 Flinders Drive Bedford Park, SA, Adelaide - 5042,South Australia, Australia

FlinPlas Adelaide
Breast Reduction

FlinPlas in Adelaide provides breast reduction surgery procedure which removes excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast by expert breast surgeon.

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Breast Lift

Are you unhappy with your uneven sized breasts? Then Breast lift can help you solve this problem. FlinPlas has expert breast lift surgeon, and team of professionally trained staff who would offer exceRead more

Cosmos Clinic Adelaide

163 Archer St, North, Adelaide - 5006,South Australia, Australia

Cosmos Clinic Adelaide Adelaide 11945
Breast Reduction Breast Reduction, it is important to note that there are two options available depending on each patients circumstances. In your initial Breast Reduction consultation at Cosmos Clinic, our doctors will assess you and let you know whether Vaser Liposuction Breast Reduction or Surgical Breast Reduction would best suit your needs. Read More

Dr Peter Sylaidis

APSA Level 4 18 North Terrace, Adelaide - 5000,South Australia, Australia

Dr Peter Sylaidis Adelaide
Breast Reduction This operation reduces and raises large, sagging breasts; making them more comfortable in size and attractive in shape. This is commonly performed for women with very large breasts, causing pain in the shoulders, back or lower neck. Breast reduction also improves posture, overall appearance and often self-esteem Read More

Breast Lift

This surgical procedure solely aims to lift and reshape breasts. No reduction in size is provided. It is an excellent option for women who while happy with the general size of their breasts, wish to rRead more

Adelaide Plastic and Hand Surgery

1 Kermode St, Adelaide - 5006,South Australia, Australia

Adelaide Plastic and Hand Surgery Adelaide 13425
Breast Reduction any women with large breasts suffer from neck and back pain, can suffer from rashes under the breasts and often find exercise difficult due to the weight of the breasts on the chest. Breast reduction surgery decreases the size and weight of the breasts and lifts the breasts on the chest wall into a more youthful position. Read More

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