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Clinic DDr Heinrich

2 Landhausgasse, Vienna - 1010,Wien, Austria

Clinic DDr Heinrich Vienna 11112
Liposuction Liposuction is the therapeutic solution for fat distribution disorders and when stubborn fat pads resist other reduction attempts, or as an accompanying measure in weight loss for the purpose of reducing cardiovascular risks. There are different ways of performing liposuction. Non-medical laypersons as a general rule have difficulty distinguishing among the respective techniques. Read More

Juvenis Medical Center

2 Trattnerhof, Vienna - 1010,Wien, Austria

Juvenis Medical Center Vienna 12478
Liposuction The silhouette is the first thing that stands out and the overall impression imprinted. symmetrical and evenly distributed proportions, whereby the appearance automatically conveys fitness and vitality are considered desirable. Read More

Dr. Karl Heinrich

2 Landhausgasse, Vienna - 1010,Wien, Austria

Karl Heinrich Vienna 16065 1

There are many types of liposuction which are also referred to as Lipectomy, Liposculpture, Lipolysis or simply lipo. We at Karl Heinrich offer expert guidance from our board certified doctor. We request patient to keep realistic expectation.

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Dr. Christian Emellina

2 Landhausgasse, Vienna - 1010,Wien, Austria

Christian Emellina Vienna 16066 1

Liposuction or simply lipo is a body sculpting method used to remove excessive amount of body fat. This stich less and scar less method is a popular choice among masses for to achieve their dream body contour.

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