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Tandon Clinic

599, Pocket C8 Sector 8, Rohini, Delhi - 110085,Delhi, India

Tandon Clinic Delhi 11381
Breast Lift Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, restores a more youthful appearance to a womans breasts. Over the years breasts can lose their shape and firmness due to pregnancy, nursing and loss of skin elasticity, causing them to sag. Mastopexy will raise and reshape breasts slowing the effects of aging and gravity. This procedure can reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. Mastopexy is commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation (implants) to increase breast firmness and size. This may appeal to women who have lost breast volume after pregnancy. Pregnancy and nursing often result in stretched skin and therefore decreased volume. If you are planning a future pregnancy, it is advisable to postpone your breast lift as pregnancy will likely cause further stretching. Read More

Jupiter Hospital-Thane

Eastern Express Highway Thane, Maharashtra , Thane - 400601,Maharashtra, India

Jupiter Hospital-Thane Thane 13711 1
Breast Lift

Do you have indifferent sized breast? Then breast lift is ideal cosmetic surgery for you to resolve your problem. Breast lift cosmetic surgery would provide you with symmetry and perfection that youve always craved for. In Thane, Jupiter Hospital-Thane offers breast lift surgery.

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Breast Reduction

Are you unhappy with your heavy pendulous droopy breast with nipples that point downwards? Then breast reduction is ideal cosmetic surgery for you. In Thane, Jupiter Hospital-Thane is reputed cosmeticRead more

Dr. Viral Desai

B, Shree Dattaguru Complex, Next to Bank of India, Lane 6, Koregaon Park, Pune - 411001,Maharashtra, India

Viral Desai Mumbai 3 1
Breast Lift Breast lift is a procedure for correcting the size, contour and elevation of breasts. Breast lift augmentation is also preformed in conjunction with breast reconstruction following mastectomy or if there is a deformity with one or both breasts. Read More

Breast Reduction

The breast reduction procedure removes fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts, making the breasts smaller, lighter and firmer. Breast reduction can also reduce the size of the areola – the Read more

Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center

315-316, Sarvopari Mall Near Bhuyangdev cross Road, Sola Road, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad - 380061,Gujarat, India

Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center Ahmedabad 28
Breast Lift

After a certain age or sometimes after the pregnancy breast tend to lose their firmness and shape. Breast lift or mastopexy Surgery is one of the most effective surgical procedures to reshape and lift the sagging breast.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty Surgery is one of most effective surgical procedures to reduce enlarged or sagging breast permanently.

Pearl Plastic Surgery Clinic

New No : 34 , Old No: 45, BASEMENT, CSM Castle Venkatakrishna road, RajaAnnamalai Puram, Chennai - 600028,Tamil Nadu, India

Pearl Plastic Surgery Clinic Chennai
Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help restore a firmer, shapelier breast, which will improve body contours and give the breasts a perky, youthful appearance.

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Breast Reduction

Reduces breast size and improves physical and emotional symptoms caused by very large breasts. A reduction removes extra breast tissue to achieve a healthier, more comfortable size and reshapes the brRead more

Divine Cosmetic

L 7, South Extension II, New Delhi, New Delhi - 110049,Delhi, India

Divine Cosmetic New Delhi
Breast Lift

A breast lift procedure is able to make the breast more youthful and well-shaped. We often combine Breast implants along with the Lift to give the twin benefit of breast enlargement as well as correction of sagging.

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Breast Reduction

In this procedure, the excess breast tissues are removed. The internal tissues of the breast tissues are rearranged so as to result in shapelier breasts.

Vijayshree Clinic

Kamalja, 2nd floor,1306, Shivajinagar, Bank of Baroda lane Near Medinova, Off J.M. Road, Pune - 411005,Maharashtra, India

Vijayshree Clinic Pune
Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is to raise and reshape breasts. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure to restore the appearance of a sagging, flat breast.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery that removes fat and / or glandular tissue to reduce size and reshape a womans breasts. While it is most often preferred by women who have overly large, pendulouRead more

Roys Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Globe Building, Eru Company, MTP road, Coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu,, Coimbatore - 641043,Tamil Nadu, India

Roys Cosmetic Surgery Centre Coimbatore
Breast Lift

Breast lift, technically called mastopexy, is surgery that raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. 

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body and to alleviate the discomforRead more

Pasricha Hospital

221, Adarsh Nagar Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar - 144001,Punjab, India

Pasricha Hospital Jalandhar
Breast Lift

Pregnancy, nursing, excessive weight loss or gain, or the natural aging process can cause breasts to lose their natural elasticity. Breasts may begin to sag or hang

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Breast Reduction

Neck and back pain, bra strap indentations on the shoulders and general discomfort are all unfortunate realities for women who have exceptionally large, heavy breasts


Nitin Speciality Clinic 1 Shubhjyot Appt Ghantali Devi Rd Near Three petrol pump Naupada Thane West, Thane - 400601,Maharashtra, India

Lasercosmesis Thane 11365
Breast Lift The incision patterns for lifting a womans sagging breasts will be determined based on the amount of excess skin to be removed.These may include one or a combination of incisions in a circular pattern around the areola, in a line extending from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease Read More

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