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DermaClinix New Delhi 11337 1
Vitiligo It is a condition that is characterized by appearance of white patches over the skin. It is also known as leukoderma. It affects 0.5-1% of the world population, i.e. ~ 5-10 out of every 1000 people develop the disease. Read More

AK Clinic

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Vitiligo This disease is due to abnormal Skin pigmentation. In the lower layers of epidermis of our Skin, special cells called melanocytes cells form melanin pigment. The color of skin depends upon the quantity of melanin pigment produced by melanocytes. Larger the quantity of melanin pigment darker is the skin. In the diseased condition some or all of melanocytes got damaged or become non functional. Read More

Kubba Skin Clinic

10, Aradhana Enclave RK Puram, Sector 13 Ring Road, New Delhi - 110066,Delhi, India

Kubba Skin Clinic New Delhi
Vitiligo Melanocyte transplantation: This is the most advanced surgical method to treat stable vitiligo / leucoderma. The treatment involves transferring the patients own melanocytes in the form of cellular suspension from an area of healthy skin to the vitiligo lesion which has no melanocytes. Read More

Twacha Skin Clinic

2nd Floor, Aggarwal Plaza Plot No.11,Sector 10 Market Opp. DDA sports Complex Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075,Delhi, India

Twacha Skin Clinic New Delhi 11391
Vitiligo Vitiligo (vit-ih-LI-go) is a condition in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Vitiligo occurs when the cells that produce melanin die or no longer form melanin, causing slowly enlarging white patches of irregular shapes to appear on your skin. Read More

Sun Shine Skin And Hair Clinic

D 47, Bali Nagar, Next to Raja Garden community centre, New Delhi - 110015,Delhi, India

Sun Shine Skin And Hair Clinic New Delhi 12497
Vitiligo Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the patient has milky white macules anywhere on the skin. The severity may range from a single spot to more than 50% of skin involvement. The commonly used terms for this disease are leucoderma, fulwehri, safed daag etc Read More

Derma life Skin And Hair Clinic

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Vitiligo Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on any part/s of the body. It is caused because the pigment developing cells in the skin are destroyed. Vitiligo can also affect the mucous membranes such as inside the nose & mouth and eyes. It may or may not spread to the other parts of the body. Read More

Naveyah Skin Clinic

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Vitiligo Vitiligo, due to the social stigma, can deeply disturb the lives of patients and their families. Fortunately there are many safe and approved treatments for vitiligo including medication and various light therapies. Read More

Pulastya Skin Clinic

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Most of the people consider vitiligo as critical disease, but actually it is one of the kindest conditions that our body has.Vitiligo occurs when bodys own immune system attacks its own tissues so it is also called autoimmune disease. Contact Pulastya Skin Clinic to know more about the procedure.

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Dr Gaurang Krishna

Max Medcentre, 3rd floor N110, Pancheel Park, New Delhi - 110048,Delhi, India

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Vitiligo occurs when bodys own immune system attacks its own tissues. It destroys the cells that produce pigment; as a result the affected area of skin colour remains unoccupied. Dr Gaurang Krishna is the best cosmetic clinic in the New Delhi.

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Dr. Jyoti Gupta

10 years experience
E-13, Basement, Defence Colony Near Andrews Ganj Bus Stop, New Delhi - 110016,Delhi, India

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Vitiligo is chronic state of body where it causes depigmentation in different parts of skin. The vitiligo develops at an early stage in life between the age group of 10 and 30 years. The condition may run in the family and your children might get affected by this deformity. Jyoti Gupta is the best clinic in the New Delhi to treat Vitiligo.

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