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Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal

15 years experience
203 Shekhar Central Near Sanghi Motors Palasia Square Indore, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

Sumeet Jaiswal Indore 18354 1
Vitiligo White spots can be removed by use of lasers or surgery. Read More

Zenith Plastic and cosmetic surgery center

203 Shekhar Central Near Sanghi Motors Palasia Square Indore, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

Zenith Plastic and cosmetic surgery center Indore

Most of the people consider vitiligo as critical disease, but actually it is one of the kindest conditions that our body has.Vitiligo occurs when bodys own immune system attacks its own tissues so it is also called autoimmune disease. Contact Zenith Plastic and cosmetic surgery center to know more about the procedure.

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Refine Skin Clinic

15 1 South Tukognaj, Indore - 452002,Madhya Pradesh, India

Refine Skin Clinic Indore 11330
Vitiligo Treatment of Vitiligo/ Lucoderma/White spots by surgical methods (Blister & Punch grafts) Read More

Maharshi Skin Centre

202, IInd Floor Balaji Heights Beside Alankar Point Geeta Bhawan Main Road, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

Maharshi Skin Centre Indore 11340
Vitiligo No one has found out the exact cause of vitiligo. Pigmentation loss in skin leads to formation of white patches in this condition. The pigment producing cells also known as melanocytes are attacked and destroyed, thus affecting the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, inner ears and hair. Vitiligo Vulgaris is the common form of the condition that can be seen on a regular basis. This disease affects 1% of the entire world population regardless of sex and colour of the skin. Nevertheless, the patches are more visible on dark coloured skins. The condition can also be hereditary Progressive pigment loss is experienced after initial affectation of the face, hands and feet. The first appearance is often in the area of a minor injury or sunburn. Vitiligo is designated as an autoimmune disorder by experts. Melanocytes are directed to be destroyed by the white blood cells. People suffering from this disease can also contract alopecia areata, autoimmune thyroid disorders, pernicious anemia, and diabetes mellitus and Addisons disease. No special testing is required to diagnose vitiligo. The disease does not directly affect the health of the person and cannot be completely cured. Treatments however, prove to be helpful in reversing the destruction by targeting the immune system. Customers can avail surgical treatments, which prove to be prolonged and difficult. Read More

Marmm Klinik Indore

Diamond Colony Zanjeerwala Square , Opp. Agrawal Stores , Indore, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

Marmm Klinik Indore Indore 8225

Vitiligo occurs when bodys own immune system attacks its own tissues. It destroys the cells that produce pigment; as a result the affected area of skin colour remains unoccupied. Marmm Klinik Indore is the best cosmetic clinic in the Indore.

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Dr. Amit Agnihotri

Sindhi Camp Gate,Birla Road Satna, Bhopal - ,Madhya Pradesh, India

Amit Agnihotri Bhopal 19277 1

Vitiligo is chronic state of body where it causes depigmentation in different parts of skin. The vitiligo develops at an early stage in life between the age group of 10 and 30 years. The condition may run in the family and your children might get affected by this deformity. Amit Agnihotri is the best clinic in the Bhopal to treat Vitiligo.

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Dr. Deepak Mohana

201 juhi plaza 128 kanchanbagh geeta bhavan square, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

Deepak Mohana  Indore 19303 1

Usually the diagnosis of Vitiligo is very simple and easily diagnosed no special testing is required one can easily find the spots on the skin.The deformity of Vitiligo affects people from all races. However, it is more prominent in dark-skinned people. Consult with the best, at Deepak Mohana.

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Dr. Anurag Tiwari

, Bhopal - ,Madhya Pradesh, India

Anurag Tiwari Bhopal 19162 1

Mild cases are mostly fully curable, while moderate cases are controllable and partly curable and severe cases are also controllable but incurable.Prevention of scarsis difficult to prevent certain scars however there are measures you can take to reduce your risk of scarring. Consult with the best at Anurag Tiwari.

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Dr. Preetam Singh

Govindpuri, opp. Govil Hospital, Gwalior - ,Madhya Pradesh, India

Preetam Singh Gwalior 19344 1

Vitiligo affects the social life of patient up to very much extent that many Vitiligo patients feel disappointment towards their social life, so most of the patients are mainly concerned about chances of recovery in Vitiligo. Contact Preetam Singh today, to clear all your queries.

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Geeta Bhawan

201 juhi plaza 128 kanchanbagh geeta bhavan square, Indore - 452001,Madhya Pradesh, India

MohanaskinHairAndLaserCenter-Indore Indore 14258 1

Vitiligo is a condition of depigmentation of parts of the skin in the body of some people. Many people are suffering from Vitiligo and are not able to lead a normal life. They are constantly under lot of pressure and depression. If youre one of those then give Geeta Bhawan today a call.

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