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Dr. Sumit Malhotra

29 shahmina road near budhdha park, Lucknow - 226018,Uttar Pradesh, India

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Mommy Makeover

In our testimonial section find out what our previous patients have been saying about their experience with Sumit Malhotra during their Mommy makeover procedure, and youll know why were popular choice among multitudes looking for mommy makeover in Lucknow.

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Want to know how much liposuction would cost in Lucknow? Contact Sumit Malhotra today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this scientifically provRead more

Tummy Tuck

Tummy represents the glance of the personality which exists in the person. Sagging tummy or out of control tummy sometimes makes a life very hard to face in day to day basis. Contact Sumit Malhotra toRead more

Indian Cosmetic Surgeon

29 shahmina road near budhdha park, Lucknow - 226018,Uttar Pradesh, India

Indian Cosmetic Surgeon Lucknow
Mommy Makeover Mommy Makeover is unique opportunity for couples that have completed their family. Today age difference between husband and wife has reduces. Becoming mother brings natural changes to body specially to abdomen and breast. Read More


Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL) - Its a traditional and time tested method of liposuction. Finer canulas and better techniques have resulted in vastly improved results. SAL is the gold standard in liRead more

Tummy Tuck

Tuck is an English word meaning to make flattened stitched fold in (agarment or material) so as to shorten or flatten it. When applied to abdomen as in Tummy Tuck, it refers to surgical procedure whicRead more

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