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Bella Estetica

ul Army Polish 23b , Polanica-zdroj - 57320,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Bella Estetica Polanica-zdroj 10190
Ear Correction Eyelid surgery is a treatment which also often performed in adults and children. The largest increase in the ear (80%) following 5-6 years, so it is not carried out in younger patients. For children, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and in adults, usually more than enough local anesthesia. Correction turbinates is primarily aimed at improving the patients appearance and, consequently, its well-being. Surgery involves setting by the surgeon of the pinna, in such a way that the angle between the surface of the skull and the ear is approximately 15-30 degrees. In some cases it is also modeling the elements of cartilage, which have not developed properly. Modern plastic surgery allows you to change the angle of the pinna, resizing, and its shape. Read More


Street Mickiewicza 55 , Szczecin - 70385,Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

Mediklinik Szczecin
Ear Correction Eyelid surgery can be performed in both children and adults. The local anesthetic is carried out changes in the shape or shapes cartilage earlobe. Skin incisions are made in sight on the back surface of the ear.Immediately after surgery for a period of approx. 1 week recommended to wear a special tourniquet assumed to dressing. Then for a period of approx. 3-4 weeks the patient dons the night to prevent damage to the ears during sleep. Over a period of approx. 2 months did not use the swimming pool, solarium and sauna. Read More

Mazan Clinic

Ul. Brzozowa 54,, Katowice - 40-170,Slaskie, Poland

Mazan Clinic Katowice
Ear Correction The ear correction should improve the shape of that body part by reshaping, moving and augmenting of the support framework of the pinna. Mazan has perfected the surgical procedures, which help remove deformities and reconstruct the shape of the human ear. The created ear is the same as the natural ear in all its characteristics. Great contour and appearance with ideal proportions. Indicators for this treatment are the cagot ear, the cats ear, the cauliflower ear, cleft earlobe, constricted ear, cryptotia, Darwinian ear, macrotia, microtia or skin cancer. Read More

Dr Martin Sierocinski

ul. Zabrska 11,1,, Katowice - 40-083,Slaskie, Poland

Dr Martin Sierocinski Katowice 10245
Ear Correction Plastic surgery of the ears is usually performed to change the angle of the ears protruding from the head, or to reduce the size of the turbinates. The problem is often associated with a too flat part on the periphery of the cartilage of the ear or large projecting the cartilage in the region of the shell. In both cases, the cartilage is modeled to provide a new and better shape. Read More

Dr. Jerzy Chips

ul. Zabrska 11,1,, Katowice - 40-083,Slaskie, Poland

Jerzy Chips Katowice 14833 1
Ear Correction

It is a common procedure with several patients all around the world who have some size and shape issues with their ear. The treatment for this kind of disorder is done through a cosmetic surgery procedure known as ear correction or ear reshaping surgical procedure. Jerzy Chips in Katowice is among the best.

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Plastic Surgery H Knakiewicz

Street. Rydygiera 30,, Wroclaw - 50-248,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Plastic Surgery H Knakiewicz Wroclaw
Ear Correction Protruding earlobes are the cause complexes. Much more they suffer from it children. Correction of protruding earlobes can be done now in a 7-year-olds. Read More

Prof Dobosz klinika medyczna

ul. Partyzantow 14 lok 102, Gdansk - 80254,Pomorskie, Poland

Prof Dobosz klinika medyczna Gdansk
Ear Correction Protruding earlobes are a common cause complexes and reporting to plastic surgeons, both for children and adults. Read More

Czar Med Clinic

Swietokrzyska 5 lock U2, Bialystok - 15843,Podlaskie, Poland

Czar Med Clinic Bialystok 10220
Ear Correction Protruding ears are a common drawback of beauty. It confer by their owners many problems. It is difficult to conceal and disguise, so they become the subject of ridicule and unpleasant jibe environment. They are a veritable curse children, adolescents and adults. And although imperfections related to the shape of the ears have a genetic base does not change the fact that the only solution in this situation is a surgical intervention. Fortunately, otoplasty (ear correction), its relatively harmless procedure that permanently changes the shape of your ear. Read More

Dr Bozena Jaklik

Street. Powstancow 34,, Katowice - 40-954,Slaskie, Poland

Dr Bozena Jaklik Katowice 10253
Ear Correction Eyelid surgery is a procedure relatively simple and less invasive, because it is performed under local anesthesia - only in exceptional cases, general anesthesia is used. The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes and during it adjusts to the shape of both earlobes. Read More

Centrum Medyczne ProClinic

ul. Widok 2,4, Wroclaw - 50-052,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Centrum Medyczne ProClinic Wroclaw 10186
Ear Correction

Surgeons for OTOPLASTY in Wroclaw at Centrum Medyczne ProClinic are well trained and experienced. We are providing ear reshaping treatment at competitive price.

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