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Przedmiejska 6,, Wroclaw - 54-201,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

ClinicForYou Wroclaw 10187
Facelift The Face Lift procedure is becoming more and more popular these days and is mainly recommended to both men and women who would like to minimize or even completely get rid of the visible signs of aging and, additionally, rejuvenate their facial features. It has been reported by experts that this cosmetic surgery can make a person look even 10 years younger. However, that does not mean though that it prevents the aging process, and removes its traces once for all Read More


Street Mickiewicza 55 , Szczecin - 70385,Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

Mediklinik Szczecin
Facelift During the procedure, the surgeon removes the excess skin, fat and fascia tightens the face. The treatment gives long-term results and makes the patient look younger. Note, however, that the operation can not stop the aging process. Lifting can be performed alone or in combination with other treatments, such as angioplasty or raising eyebrows eyelids. Read More

Perfect Medica

ul. Kolobrzeska 63D, Gdansk - 80397,Pomorskie, Poland

Perfect Medica Gdansk 10218
Facelift Face lift (facelift facelift) consists of tensioning of the skin and removal of the excess around the face and neck. The aim of surgery is to restore the skin smoothness, removing wrinkles and pleats, and raising eyebrows to a position in which they will be an ideal setting for the eyes. Read More

Dr Martin Sierocinski

ul. Zabrska 11,1,, Katowice - 40-083,Slaskie, Poland

Dr Martin Sierocinski Katowice 10245
Facelift The reasons for seeking solutions in this area anatomical can be many. For example, dissatisfaction with the acquired traits, birth defects, desire to hide scars or other sequelae of injuries, as well as changes resulting from the reversal of the aging process. Read More

Dr. Jerzy Chips

ul. Zabrska 11,1,, Katowice - 40-083,Slaskie, Poland

Jerzy Chips Katowice 14833 1

Jerzy Chips in Katowice provides facelift treatment which give re-contouring the skin and removing extra fat from your face, neck and head.

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Prof Dobosz klinika medyczna

ul. Partyzantow 14 lok 102, Gdansk - 80254,Pomorskie, Poland

Prof Dobosz klinika medyczna Gdansk
Facelift Silhouette Lift is effective for the correction of flabby cheeks, nasolabial folds, neck, eyebrows and opadniÄtych buttocks. It is a procedure which leaves no visible scars. It does not require hospitalization. Read More

Sopocka Fabryka Urody

ul. Smolna 1D, Sopot - 81877,Pomorskie, Poland

Sopocka Fabryka Urody Sopot 10221
Facelift A face lift is one of the most difficult procedures in the field of plastic surgery, so it must be made with extreme precision. Read More


ul. Wyrzysk 18,, Poznan - 60-425,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Solumed Poznan 10233
Facelift Facelift requires a very individual approach to treatment. In the initial consultation, assesses the state of facial tissues, soft tissues, including the skin and skeletal. Read More

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe

Popowicka 32,, Wroclaw - 54-204,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

ABC Plastic Surgery in Europe Wroclaw 10173
Facelift As we grow older, no matter how well we look after our skin, or how good our genes are, the structures beneath the skin, plus the skin itself begins to loose its elasticity. Other treatments such as fillers, anti wrinkle injections and peels all perform well, within reason. Creams and treatments from beauty salons promise lifts and other so called miracles without surgery, but there comes a time when only a surgical face-lift can give you the result you want. Read More

Dr Jacek Jarlinski

ul. Iron 54 local 2, Wroclaw - 53429,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Dr Jacek Jarlinski Wroclaw 10179
Facelift FACE-LIFTING means trimming off the redundant facial and cervical skin and the surgery of the facial fascia (SMAS). The incision is made on the hair-covered skin in the temporal area along the natural crease in front of the ear, around the earlobe, then up the back of the ear until the hairline on the neck. Read More

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