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Artis 3

Str Republicii nr 82B, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Artis 3 Cluj-napoca 10747
Breast Lift Over the years, factors such as births, lactation or simply gravity their say when the female breast. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts lose their shape and firmness and begin to leave. Mammoplasty or breast lift is a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes the breast - at least for a while. (No surgical procedure can not delay forever the effects of gravity.) Read More

Dr Yair Miron

Str. Tudor Vianu 5,7, Dorobanti, sector 1,, Bucharest - 011635,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Yair Miron Bucharest 10761
Breast Lift This surgery, plastic surgery of all, that brings with it a large and immediate change in overall body appearance. Women with large breasts sagging may face different problems: overweight that threaten the functionality of the back, wounds on the skin under the breasts, signs left by bra shoulders, aesthetic problems and social limitation in various activities: running, jumping, sports, etc. Read More

Mogos Med

Str. Eugene Carada Nr. 14, Craiova - 200492,Dolj, Romania

Mogos Med Craiova 10766
Breast Lift This surgical procedure is aimed at women with very large breasts who died and who may suffer because of this back or shoulder pain, irritation of the mammary groove. This procedure removes fat, glandular tissue and excess skin resultingre breasts smaller, lighter and with an improved contour. In the same session the operator may need to be reduced in size of the areola and reposition them. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation under local anesthesia. There are several surgical techniques that improve the contour of Breast reduction sanului.Tipul used depends on the degree of breast ptosis, excess skin, light volume sanului.Ptozele receive breast implants that can add a minimal excision of skin Periareolar. Ptozele large anchor requires an incision resulting in a vertical scar by scar submammary cleft and a ditch. Read More

Breast Reduction

Do you feel self-conscious due to your uneven breast size? Then breast reduction is ideal cosmetic surgery for you. At Mogos Med our expert cosmetic surgeon would asses your physical state, and would Read more

Dr Andrew Martin

str Ion Budai Deleanu nr 2A, Cluj-napoca - 400061,Cluj, Romania

Dr Andrew Martin Cluj-napoca 10797
Breast Lift Time, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the force of gravity, leave their mark on womens breasts, the skin loses elasticity and firmness of breasts lose their shape and. Many women choose mastopexy because pregnancy and nursing have left them stretched skin and less volume of the breasts. If you think you have other children, it is better to postpone the surgery. There are special risks that affect future pregnancies could (mastopexy does not interfere with breastfeeding), but a subsequent pregnancy may cancel the result of mastopexy. Read More

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction procedure or mammoplasty reduction issurgery designed to solve the problems caused by excessively large breasts and leave, fallen. The results of this procedure are extremely positiveRead more

Zetta Clinic

Street Joel Padureanu no. 5, ground floor, Sector 2,, Bucharest - 020311,Bucuresti, Romania

Zetta Clinic Bucharest
Breast Lift

Do you have indifferent sized breast? Then breast lift is ideal cosmetic surgery for you to resolve your problem. Breast lift cosmetic surgery would provide you with symmetry and perfection that youve always craved for. In Bucharest, Zetta Clinic offers breast lift surgery.

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Breast Reduction

If youre hesitating or have any doubt about breast reduction; consultation with board certified doctor at Zetta Clinic would really help. You can find many results of our past patients undergone breasRead more

Zone Medical Estet

Petre Street Costescu 7,, Bucharest - 011454,Bucuresti, Romania

Zone Medical Estet Bucharest
Breast Lift

Do you want breast lift surgery in Bucharest? Zone Medical Estet provides complete guideline and treatment for breast lift (Mastopexy) surgery.

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Breast Reduction

Hospital stay is 1-2 days after surgery, the patient will wear a special bandage to secure the breasts, thus decreasing postoperative pain in the first days. The stitches are removed after 14 days of Read more

Esthera Medical Center

Str. Washington 48 A, Sector 1,, Bucharest - 011796,Bucuresti, Romania

Esthera Medical Center Bucharest 10762
Breast Lift

Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Breast lift is commonly performed at plastic surgicentre at Esthera Medical Center in Bucharest, Romania. Over the years, factors such as pregnancy, nursing, and the force of gravity take their toll on a woman's breasts.

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Breast Reduction

Do you find yourself restricted to limited physical activity, due to your larger breast size? Then breast reduction surgery is what you need. Many women who are unhappy with their larger bust size areRead more

Dr Gad Renert

Street Herastrau Nr 1, Floor 4, Ap 10, Bucharest - 011981,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Gad Renert Bucharest
Breast Lift

Do you feel your breasts lack certain substance? Do you feel your breast could do with more firmness? If your answer is yes, then contact Dr Gad Renert today. Our excellent breast lift surgeon would offer your breast firmness that you desired.

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Breast Reduction

If youre hesitating or have any doubt about breast reduction; consultation with board certified doctor at Dr Gad Renert would really help. You can find many results of our past patients undergone breaRead more

Dr Ina Isac

Nr., Marshal Alexandru Averescu Avenue 50,, Bucharest - 014132,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Ina Isac Bucharest
Breast Lift

Breast lift is a form of cosmetic surgery designed to add more firmness and lift to cleavage. In Bucharest, Dr Ina Isac offer breast lifts surgery option to women looking for that extra lift to their cleavage. Patient should maintain a realistic expectation.

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Breast Reduction

If youre hesitating or have any doubt about breast reduction; consultation with board certified doctor at Dr Ina Isac would really help. You can find many results of our past patients undergone breastRead more

Noel Estetique

Str. Tehran, Nr. 21,23 Sc. B, Et. 1, ap. 7 Sector 1,, Bucharest - 11932,Bucuresti, Romania

Noel Estetique Bucharest
Breast Lift

Want to know how much breast lift would cost in Bucharest? Contact Noel Estetique today, to find out. Consultation with our board certified surgeon would help you understand how this treatment would help you achieve your dream contour.

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Breast Reduction

Noel Estetique in Bucharest provides breast reduction surgery procedure which removes excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast by expert breast surgeon.

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