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Esthera Medical Center

Str. Washington 48 A, Sector 1,, Bucharest - 011796,Bucuresti, Romania

Esthera Medical Center Bucharest 10762
Facelift As people age, the effects of gravity, sun exposure daily stress and can be seen on their faces, the appearance of deep wrinkles. The aging process affects the skin and underlying tissues besides muscles such as the face and neck, but even that can be skeleton headquarters of changes involution. Read More

Zone Medical Estet

Petre Street Costescu 7,, Bucharest - 011454,Bucuresti, Romania

Zone Medical Estet Bucharest
Facelift The facelift is aimed at people aged between 30-70 years and it was used to rejuvenating and not beauty. Like any surgery, all have certain risks but they are minor when surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon. Read More

Bendis Medical SRL

Bd. Maresal Averescu Nr. 9, Bl. 5, Sc. 1, Ap. 6, Sector 1,, Bucharest - 011454,Bucuresti, Romania

Bendis Medical SRL Bucharest 10758
Facelift Imbatranirea este un proces natural care produce frecvent ridarea si lasarea pielii fetei. Totodata, musculatura fetei si gatului slabeste si muschii se lasa. Odata cu varsta, pielea isi pierde elasticitatea si se lasa sub actiunea gravitatiei. Aceste modificari apar diferit la diferite persoane, fiind influentate de fluctuatii de greutate, expunerea la soare, stresul cotidian dar cel mai important factor este ereditatea. Dr.Voicu realizeaza prin aceasta operatie ridicarea fetei astfel incat rezultatul sa fie un look mai tanar. Read More

Class MediSpa

Povernei Street Nr. 24, Ap. 1 District 1, Bucharest - 010644,Bucuresti, Romania

Class MediSpa Bucharest
Facelift The facelift has an effect on the middle and lower floors of the face, and the neck. It can be associated with frontal lifting or lifting of eyebrows. If classic facelift incisions starts at the temples, down the front of the ear lobe and get under it in the hairy skin of the neck. Thus corrects middle and lower floor. If needed, it is associated with an incision placed under the chin for a correction of skin in the neck or anti-grease at this level. Read More

Zetta Clinic

Street Joel Padureanu no. 5, ground floor, Sector 2,, Bucharest - 020311,Bucuresti, Romania

Zetta Clinic Bucharest

Zetta Clinic in Bucharest provides facelift treatment which give re-contouring the skin and removing extra fat from your face, neck and head.

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Dr Angela Petre

Avenue Ferdinand n. 98,100, sector 2, Bucharest - 020311,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Angela Petre Bucharest

A pretty face can really help person in their daily mundane activities. Face lift is a cosmetic enhancement treatment utilized by many to craft and improve facial allure. Contact Dr Angela Petre today, to know more about face lift.

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Dr Klara Bancila

Dacia Boulevard NO. 51 DISTRICT 1, ground floor, Bucharest - 010406,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Klara Bancila Bucharest 10756

Face lift tightens the muscle and rejuvenate skin to deliver youthful look. Many people are undergoing facelift procedure to revive their appearance. At Dr Klara Bancila we have expert doctor who specializes in face lift.

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Dr Yair Miron

Str. Tudor Vianu 5,7, Dorobanti, sector 1,, Bucharest - 011635,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Yair Miron Bucharest 10761

Before undergoing Face Lift procedure discuss your expectations and needs frankly with our board certified doctor. After assessing your skin and bone condition hell mange your expectation about the procedure.

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Dr Cristian Nitescu

tr. Traian Popovici no. 79 91, inside Gral, Bucharest - 014132,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Cristian Nitescu Bucharest
Facelift Facelift surgery is an operation that removes excess skin on the face, targeting average and lower area of the face and / or neck, thus alleviating and wrinkles in this area. Read More

Dr. Cristian Nitescu

tr. Traian Popovici no. 79 91, inside Gral, Bucharest - 014132,Bucuresti, Romania

Cristian Nitescu Bucharest 15536 1

Face lift is just like any other cosmetic procedure used by many to enhance and rejuvenate facial contour. Face lift has proven to be far more successful method then rest of the over the counter methods available.

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