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Omini Clinic

str. Grigore Ear No.2 Bl. 6 Martie, Iasi - 700044,Iasi, Romania

Omini Clinic Iasi 10746
Ear Correction

It is a common procedure with several patients all around the world who have some size and shape issues with their ear. The treatment for this kind of disorder is done through a cosmetic surgery procedure known as ear correction or ear reshaping surgical procedure. Omini Clinic in Iasi is among the best.

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Artis 3

Str Republicii nr 82B, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Artis 3 Cluj-napoca 10747
Ear Correction Ear surgery, or otoplasty is usually done to restore the ear to its normal position, closer to the head or to reduce the size too big ears.In the largely surgery is carried children aged between 4 and 14 years. Ears are almost fully developed at the age of four years so that an operation as early as exempt from ridicule and teasing child. And adult intervention is possible and there is no additional risk. Read More

Clinica MediSpa

str Ion Budai Deleanu nr 2A, Cluj-napoca - 400474,Cluj, Romania

Clinica MediSpa Cluj-napoca 10784
Ear Correction Ear surgery, or otoplasty is usually done to return the ears closer to the head or to reduce the size. Most of the operations are performed on children between the ages of 5 and 14. The growth of the ears is largely completed by the age of 5 years and with how the surgery is performed earlier, the teasing diminishes the child must bear. Otoplasty is also possible in adults and are generally no additional risks associated with this procedure in older patients. Read More

Clinica Medestet

str Nicolae Pascaly nr 7, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Clinica Medestet Cluj-napoca 10786
Ear Correction Otoplasty is the most frequent surgery on the external ear. The intervention can be performed after the age of 5 years because at this moment the ear is fully developed and has dimensions close to those it has in adults. Thus, the problem is solved before the patient into the community (kindergarten, school), avoiding the occurrence of psychological trauma caused by unfavorable comments, even offensive sometimes, coming from peers. It will now be examined with particular attention in both the change in size and shape. According to this resolution contour defects or asymmetry can be done in one or more meetings operators. Read More

Zetta Clinic

Street Joel Padureanu no. 5, ground floor, Sector 2,, Bucharest - 020311,Bucuresti, Romania

Zetta Clinic Bucharest
Ear Correction

Surgeons for OTOPLASTY in Bucharest at Zetta Clinic are well trained and experienced. We are providing ear reshaping treatment at competitive price.

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Esthera Medical Center

Str. Washington 48 A, Sector 1,, Bucharest - 011796,Bucuresti, Romania

Esthera Medical Center Bucharest 10762
Ear Correction

Ear correction is a procedure to reshape or resize ears. It can be a disorder common in people of all ages and both genders. In Bucharest, Esthera Medical Center is reputed cosmetic clinic. We have built our reputation over the years by providing result that all our patients wished to accomplish.

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Dr. Theodor Motruc

str. Grigore Ear No.2 Bl. 6 Martie, Iasi - 700044,Iasi, Romania

Theodor Motruc Iasi 15534 1
Ear Correction

The purpose of ear correction surgical procedure is just for cosmetic reasons. Ear correction doesnt resolve any hearing difficulty a person might have. Theodor Motruc in Iasi is among the best cosmetic clinic.

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Noel Estetique

Str. Tehran, Nr. 21,23 Sc. B, Et. 1, ap. 7 Sector 1,, Bucharest - 11932,Bucuresti, Romania

Noel Estetique Bucharest
Ear Correction Otoplasty brings ears closer to the head and reduce the size of auricular pavilion. Many adults and children have protruding ears, correction procedure is relatively simple and the result is spectacular. Read More

Dr Valeriu Nicula

Bd. 21 Decembrie 1989, 137, Cluj-napoca - 400604,Cluj, Romania

Dr Valeriu Nicula Cluj-napoca
Ear Correction Otoplasty, plastic surgery of the ear and includes a wide range of deformities minor corrections to the total reconstruction of the ear (when not present than embryonic remnants). Read More

Dr Angela Petre

Avenue Ferdinand n. 98,100, sector 2, Bucharest - 020311,Bucuresti, Romania

Dr Angela Petre Bucharest
Ear Correction

The person with irregular ear shape and size is the right candidate for the procedure. He has to be at least 5 years old as by that time the ears have fully developed. Dr Angela Petre is recognized as one of the best cosmetic clinic.

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