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Dr. Konstantinos Seretis

, Zurich - ,Zurich, Switzerland

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Thigh Lift Men or women with naturally loose skin or those following massive weight losses may have excessively saggy thigh skin. Treatment options such as diet, exercise or devices use do not offer much help in the long-term. A thigh lift can improve drastically your thigh volume and shape with long-lasting results. Skin and fat excess is removed, while the operation is often combined with liposuction to enhance the aesthetic outcome. A scar in the inner bikini line, the thigh or both is the only trade-off, based on the actual condition and patients desires. A special pressure garment is indicated for 4-8 weeks after the procedure Read More

Dr Konstantinos Seretis

, Zurich - ,Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Konstantinos Seretis Zurich
Thigh Lift

The bulky thighs could be a cause of concern for you. A toned thigh will give a slender look and you will be able to wear any type of clothes you want. If no amount of exercise and diet is helping you to get the desired shape that you want, you can opt for thigh lift procedure.

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