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The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic

60 East Delaware Place 15th Floor Chicago, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Chicago

The facelift procedure is commonly utilized on patients over age 40 to refine overall appearance and create a youthful, rested, attractive look. Many patients at our convenient Chicago, Illinois location elect to undergo facelift surgery to reduce loose, sagging skin and tighten underlying facial muscles.

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TLKM Plastic Surgery Thomas A Mustoe

737 N Michigan Ave #1500 Chicago, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

TLKM Plastic Surgery Thomas A Mustoe Chicago

The facelift results of today are far superior to those of a few decades ago. In the past, a facelift mainly involved pulling the skin tighter, which created an unnatural, tight appearance. Dr. Mustoe focuses on restoring the underlying muscle and tissues to their more youthful position, for results that are natural-looking, beautiful, and long lasting. 

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Dr. Gregory Wiener

5440 N. Cumberland Ave Suite 105, Chicago - 60656,Illinois, United States

Gregory Wiener Chicago 2435 1

Gregory Wiener in Chicago provides facelift treatment which give re-contouring the skin and removing extra fat from your face, neck and head.

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Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

#640, 1 E Erie St,, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery Chicago

Our face is the first thing seen by other people, and most often they assume that it reflects how we feel on the inside. However, this is not always the case. As people age, the muscles and skin on the cheeks, jaw, and neck can begin to lose elasticity and sag. Eventually, the face may start to look tired, unhappy, and unhealthy. Unfortunately, extra sleep and fancy products cannot turn back the hands of time. The only way to restore a youthful look is through surgical intervention.

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Chicago Cosmetic Surgery Michael Byun

Down Town 1East Street Suite #530 Chicago, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery Michael Byun Chicago

A facelift is the repair and rearrangement of the tissues beneath the skin to return the contour of the face to an appearance that is more youthful and resilient

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Zukowski FFS

3612 West Lake Avenue Wilmette, Chicago - 60091,Illinois, United States

Zukowski FFS Chicago

Face lifting has a number of different components to it.  In its most simple form, you take the skin and pull it tight and remove excess skin, and the skin scars down to the underlying layers.  We have come to understand over the last 20 years that there are many components to a face lift.  There is not only the skin, but there is the layer underneath which is a fibro fatty layer. 

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Steven H Dayan MD

845 N. Michigan Ave Suite 923 East Chicago, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

Steven H Dayan MD Chicago

A facelift, one of the most commonly performed procedures, provides a remarkable improvement in your appearance. Facelifting is the ideal treatment for correcting a sagging jaw line, falling cheeks and a blunted neckline. There are many methods to facelifting, and advancements in this procedure have evolved significantly over the last ten years. It wasnt too long ago that surgeons would approach facelifting by pulling the skin tighter. Unfortunately, this resulted in an unnatural wind blown or stretched look. Today, we have newer and better techniques to relocate the deeper tissues and just drape the skin tension free over the repositioned tissues. This gives a more natural, longer lasting result. 

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Chicagoland Aesthetics

2335 W. Fullerton Avenue, Chicago - 60647,Illinois, United States

Chicagoland Aesthetics Chicago 13152
Facelift As you age, sun exposure, the stress in your life, and gravity all begin to take a toll, causing deep creases around your mouth, a slackened jawline, and folds and fat deposits around your neck. A facelift in Naperville, Chicago, and Schaumburg, IL, can help counteract these issues, removing the excess fat and tightening up the muscles and skin so you can look younger and feel better. Many patients claim to look ten to fifteen years younger after the procedure. Read More

Dr. Irvin Wiesman

712 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago - 60654,Illinois, United States

Irvin Wiesman Chicago 2447 1

A pretty face can really help person in their daily mundane activities. Face lift is a cosmetic enhancement treatment utilized by many to craft and improve facial allure. Contact Irvin Wiesman today, to know more about face lift.

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Dr. James Platis

58 E Walton St, 3rd Floor, Chicago - 60611,Illinois, United States

James Platis Chicago 18369 1

Face lift tightens the muscle and rejuvenate skin to deliver youthful look. Many people are undergoing facelift procedure to revive their appearance. At James Platis we have expert doctor who specializes in face lift.

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