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Dr. Sergio Maggi

3410 Far West Blvd 110, Austin - 78731,Texas, United States

Sergio Maggi Austin 3574 1
Ear Correction

It is a common procedure with several patients all around the world who have some size and shape issues with their ear. The treatment for this kind of disorder is done through a cosmetic surgery procedure known as ear correction or ear reshaping surgical procedure. Sergio Maggi in Austin is among the best.

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Dr. P Swamy

1111 Sara Swamy Drive, Sherman - 75090,Texas, United States

P Swamy Sherman 3627 1
Ear Correction

Surgeons for OTOPLASTY in Sherman at P Swamy are well trained and experienced. We are providing ear reshaping treatment at competitive price.

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Dr. Kelly Tjelmeland

4220 Bull Creek Road, Austin - 78731,Texas, United States

Kelly Tjelmeland Austin 18455 1
Ear Correction

Ear correction is a procedure to reshape or resize ears. It can be a disorder common in people of all ages and both genders. In Austin, Kelly Tjelmeland is reputed cosmetic clinic. We have built our reputation over the years by providing result that all our patients wished to accomplish.

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Dr. Robert Bledsoe

1600 W. College Suite 380, Grapevine - 76051,Texas, United States

Robert Bledsoe Grapevine 2489 1
Ear Correction

The purpose of ear correction surgical procedure is just for cosmetic reasons. Ear correction doesnt resolve any hearing difficulty a person might have. Robert Bledsoe in Grapevine is among the best cosmetic clinic.

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Dr. Richard Reynolds

5664 N Mesa, El Paso - 79912,Texas, United States

Richard Reynolds El Paso 2879 1
Ear Correction

The person with irregular ear shape and size is the right candidate for the procedure. He has to be at least 5 years old as by that time the ears have fully developed. Richard Reynolds is recognized as one of the best cosmetic clinic.

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Dr. David Azouz

7777 Forest Lane Building C Suite 802, Dallas - 75230,Texas, United States

David Azouz Dallas 2950 1
Ear Correction

The ear correction surgery/ procedureis also alternatively known as Otoplasty, ear splinting, Pinnaplasty or ear reshaping procedure. It is a common disorder found in both males and females. David Azouz is known as best cosmetic clinic for ear correction surgery.

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Meridian Plastic Surgery Center

4220 Bull Creek Road, Austin - 78731,Texas, United States

Meridian Plastic Surgery Center Austin
Ear Correction Ear surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under sedation or twilight anesthesia or light general anesthesia in our Austin surgical facility. In most cases, ear surgery involves an incision in the crease behind the ear where cartilage is often reformed and refolded into the natural shape and contour of the ear. This process allows the ear to be positioned closer to the head in a normal position. Read More

Dr Anthony R Bittar

4101 James Casey Suite 310, Austin - 78745,Texas, United States

Dr Anthony R Bittar Austin 13225
Ear Correction You may want to know what really happens during this procedure. In short, the surgeon administers medication to stop you from feeling any pain during surgery. Afterwards, he makes an incision (usually on the back side of the ear). When it comes to correcting protruding ears, special techniques are employed to create or expand the antihelical fold and reduce the patients conchal cartilage. Read More

Plastic Surgery Texas

800 12th Ave. 100 Suite, Fort Worth - 76104,Texas, United States

Plastic Surgery Texas Fort Worth 11719
Ear Correction For children, large and/or protruding ears can result in teasing or name-calling which can make adjustment to school difficult and reduce self-confidence as they enter adulthood. Fortunately, this problem is easily corrected once a childs ears grow to their full size, usually between five and six years of age, and when your child is able to cooperate with post-operative instructions and restrictions. For children, pinning the ears is a common technique used during otoplasty to achieve the desired result. Read More

Wellspring Plastic Surgery

911 W 38th St Suite 101, Austin - 78705,Texas, United States

Wellspring Plastic Surgery Austin 13195
Ear Correction Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to modify the shape, size, and position of the ear. Otoplasty can be used for cosmetic purposes, such as to reposition protruding ears, or for reconstructive purposes, such as to correct misshapen ears caused by injury or present from birth. Read More

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