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Esthetica Dental Cordoba

Obispo Trejo 961 1 B, Cordoba - X5000IYS ,Cordoba, Argentina

Esthetica Dental Cordoba Cordoba 8707
Dental Implants A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed into the maxillary or mandibular bone to replace one tooth or several missing teeth. It is one of the best alternatives for people who have lost teeth by caries, periodontal disease, trauma or other reasons. There are many types of implants, both in design, size, shape and connection, which are selected for each particular case Read More

Caring Smile Center

Copina 1336 Office 5 B Jardin, Cordoba - 5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Caring Smile Center Cordoba 8715
Dental Implants The dental implant is a titanium structure that acts as an artificial root to replace a missing tooth. Screw-it shaped and is made of biocompatible materials, which do not cause rejection and attach to bone. So we can replace the natural part with an artificial maintaining the functionality and aesthetics. Read More

Dental DAS Group Argentina

Laprida 1621 2 B Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - C1425EKM,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dental DAS Group Argentina Buenos Aires 8719
Dental Implants If there are gaps in your smile where your permanent teeth used to be, you may realize that more is missing from your life than just teeth. You may also give up good nutrition and even social activities. Read More


Rivadavia 2456 Unit 3 E, La Plata - B7600,Buenos Aires, Argentina

Condas La Plata 8727
Dental Implants Implant unit and systems for full or partial toothless patients. Always based on diagnostic methods for a quick and simple technique for easy integration of the same bone. Read More

Dr Guevara Calise

Anatole France 539 Neighborhood Banking Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 95460,Mendoza, Argentina

Dr Guevara Calise Mendoza 8711
Dental Implants They are artificial roots made of pure titanium, a material with excellent biocompatibility with the body, which are placed in the jawbone or jaw to create a solid foundation that supports the artificial tooth. From a functional standpoint, dental implants are exactly like our natural teeth thus allowing us to chew with total comfort, smile, speak and ultimately feel the same security than with our own teeth. Read More

Cool Dental

Moldes 1799, Buenos Aires - 1425,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Cool Dental Buenos Aires 8750
Dental Implants Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone in order to replace the roots of the lost teeth, which help replace natural teeth with artificial teeth resulting in recovered functionality and equal, or even better, aesthetics. Placement of the implant prosthesis in on the same day to maintain the patients esthetics. Read More

Dr Ruben Pignani

Catamarca No. 224 Capital Salta, Cordoba - 5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Dr Ruben Pignani Cordoba
Dental Implants Dental implants are titanium structure that replaces the root of a tooth. Read More

Dr Pablo Mussuto

Av San Martin Sur 880 5501 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 5519,Mendoza, Argentina

Dr Pablo Mussuto Mendoza 8726
Dental Implants

Do you feel youve lost lip support? Are you suffering from poor speechdue to missing front teeth? Then dental implant is ideal procedure for you. Contact Dr Pablo Mussuto and book consultation with our expert dentist to understand how this procedure would help you.

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Kitrilakis and Luchetti Dentistry

Calle 17 No 874, La Plata - B7600,Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kitrilakis and Luchetti Dentistry La Plata 8728
Dental Implants Dental implants are pieces that replace the roots of teeth. While there are various shapes and materials, the most used are similar to a screw made of titanium.The implants are placed where missing teeth through a simple surgery. After a healing period the implant is integrated into the bone, known as osseointegration situation. Once this has occurred, a second step in which the prosthesis is placed on the implants begins. Read More

Odontospa Dental Clinic

33 East No. 130 Access Fire Urquiza against Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 5519,Mendoza, Argentina

Odontospa Dental Clinic Mendoza 8710
Dental Implants Improve your quality of life and smiling again increasing their chewing power. Dental implants are today the best solution to recover those missing teeth by different life situations. Read More

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