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Centero of Rehabilitacion

Av Velez Sarsfield 1460 6th Floor, Cordoba - X5000JKO,Cordoba, Argentina

Centero of Rehabilitacion Cordoba 8712
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in dental clinics. This is because people value a gleaming smile look in a healthy mouth. Bleaching plasma arc is a system that reduces the time of bleaching. The treatment is performed in a single session of two hours and achieved visible results that last about two years. Read More

Caring Smile Center

Copina 1336 Office 5 B Jardin, Cordoba - 5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Caring Smile Center Cordoba 8715
Teeth Whitening In a context in which appearance matters, and much, must take into account the implications that may have the messy look both working life as a professional. In this sense, one of the most striking aspects that have to do with the color of your teeth. And is that people are increasingly set in the caller smile watching their level of whiteness to determine, in a way, the level of health and cleanliness of the speaker. Faced with this reality they have emerged tooth whitening methods that achieve remove stains from the teeth and reduce its hue. Read More


Rivadavia 2456 Unit 3 E, La Plata - B7600,Buenos Aires, Argentina

Condas La Plata 8727
Teeth Whitening Due to the constant demand for Patients With aesthetic needs, We have a system of last generation lamp in few sessions That meets the expectations of them. Read More

Dr Guevara Calise

Anatole France 539 Neighborhood Banking Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 95460,Mendoza, Argentina

Dr Guevara Calise Mendoza 8711
Teeth Whitening Is tooth whitening treatment with the laser diode is suitable for anyone wishing to lighten the color of your teeth. However, prior to treatment, dental examination should be performed to determine whether there is a condition that prevents the completion of the procedure. In this case, the dentist will recommend receiving treatment indicated before starting the teeth whitening treatment. Read More

Dental Hd

Av Velez Sarsfield 236 1st A Centro, Cordoba - 5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Dental Hd Cordoba 8720
Teeth Whitening The Whitening Dental is a practice of cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic años.En absolutely proven for many cases contributes to the recovery of self-esteem, the ability to smile again without complexes, or simply to beautify and restore a fresh smile, wide and young. Through this treatment to give back the natural color of teeth. Just an hour you can look spectacular smile, because we have specialized technology. Read More

Cool Dental

Moldes 1799, Buenos Aires - 1425,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Cool Dental Buenos Aires 8750
Teeth Whitening You can whiten your teeth in one single appointment and get a whiter, brighter smile the same day. The procedure is simple, start with a simple preparation that protects your lips and gums, exposing the teeth. After a gel, which is specifically designed to work with light is applied. The gel and light work together to penetrate your teeth, whitening depth lines, spots and the tooth surface . Read More

Dr Pablo Mussuto

Av San Martin Sur 880 5501 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 5519,Mendoza, Argentina

Dr Pablo Mussuto Mendoza 8726
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening can also remove stains caused by medications or by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, mate, smoking, red wine, among other substances and food. Read More

Dr Ruben Pignani

Catamarca No. 224 Capital Salta, Cordoba - 5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Dr Ruben Pignani Cordoba
Teeth Whitening It is performed to a set of aesthetically compromised teeth or tooth obscured by the effects of endodontics. Read More

New Dental Clinic

Lencinas 206, 1st floor apartment 2 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza - 5500,Mendoza, Argentina

New Dental Clinic Mendoza 8721
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening can reduce the original color various shades of teeth, leaving teeth whiter and brighter Read More

Dental place

Av. Santa Fe 2271 2A Autonomous, Buenos Aires - C1123AAE,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dental place Buenos Aires 8735
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is the most conservative dental treatment to restore the aesthetics of the smile on people who want to have white teeth. Read More

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