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Grupo Odontologico Carlos Teodorico

Rua Tome de Souza, 860 15th floor Savassi, Belo Horizonte - 30140131,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Grupo Odontologico Carlos Teodorico Belo Horizonte 8299
Teeth Whitening

The tooth whitening is done by applying a whitening gel that releases oxygen. This in turn penetrates the enamel and dentin, breaking the particles of the pigment, thereby eliminating stains that leave yellow teeth. In the case of home bleaching, this product is used in a lower concentration, applied to a silicone impression tray which is used during the night. You bleaching done in the office, the dentist isolates the gum with a special product and applies the whitening gel for exclusive use in professional teeth in a much higher concentration. The gel action is even accelerated by a laser and thus comes to a result faster.

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Clinica Odonto Cunsullte Odontologia

Rua do Rosario, 151 gr. 603,604 Center, Rio De Janeiro - 20041005,Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Clinica Odonto Cunsullte Odontologia Rio De Janeiro
Teeth Whitening It is the treatment that has been widely publicized in the media and responsible for the white and bright smile of various artists and celebrities. There are basically two types of whitening vital teeth: bleaching with trays (homemade) and whitening in office. The end result of the two techniques mentioned is usually the same, with the difference due to the run time and the cost of the procedures. In whitening in general, nor the patient can choose the final color of your teeth or the dentist can ensure that they achieve the color you want the patient: there is no way precisely to ensure the final color of whitening in either techniques. Read More

Viese and Vivaldi Odontologia Especializada

Avenida Republica Argentina, 665 Ed Curitibano Office, room 202, Curitiba - 80730000,Parana, Brazil

Viese and Vivaldi Odontologia Especializada Curitiba
Teeth Whitening We use a unique mixed media, combining the laser whitening benefits with home whitening, providing an effective and lasting result. We use the most modern laser equipment, and the latest products with nanotechnology, thus avoiding post-bleaching sensitivity. Read More

Dr Marilia Cunha

Street Jesuino M Machado 2242 Nova Campinas, Campinas - 13090,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Marilia Cunha Campinas 8369
Teeth Whitening eat plenty of fluids and foods that when eaten in excess, and routinely are able to accelerate the process of darkening and aging of teeth, such as caffeine (coffee and tea), cola, red wine and highly concentrated grape juices. In addition, those supporters of cigarettes has extremely yellowed teeth. The associated technique, ie whitening laser along with home bleaching generates a more lasting result. However for those who are not disciplined, dental office whitening generates great results. In both techniques, the process of bleaching is the same, changing basically the concentration of products and therefore their speed to whiten teeth. Read More

Cury Clinica Odontologica

Rua Tibagi, 294, Cj 1001 and 1002, Curitiba - 80060110,Parana, Brazil

Cury Clinica Odontologica Curitiba 8339
Teeth Whitening Do not believe folders and miraculous treatments and very cheap to whiten your teeth, they will take no more than minor blemishes and the result will be very small. See our professional !!! We perform dental whitening and laser home first Read More

Dr Paulo Henrique Laino

Street Cotegipe Baron 917 Vila Lion, Sorocaba - 18040420,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Paulo Henrique Laino Sorocaba
Teeth Whitening It is a minimally invasive feature, which rejuvenates and enhances the powerful force of attraction smile. Read More

Cris Allegretti Odontologia

Alameda dos Nhambiquaras, 1518 cjs. 111 112 Moema, Sao Paulo - 04090,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cris Allegretti Odontologia Sao Paulo 8256
Teeth Whitening

The tooth whitening changes the natural color of teeth without changing the quality of dental structure. The Surgeon Dentist uses whitening techniques, evaluating the ideal for each case and its durability depends on the eating habits, hygiene and smoking.

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Odonto Agape

Av.Afonso Pena, 941,2 Floor, Belo Horizonte - 31710400,Minas Gerais, Brazil

Odonto Agape Belo Horizonte 8266
Teeth Whitening

Currently this problem can be resolved and the color of teeth can be improved by bleaching materials that act on the protein dentin and are given without any problem, provided they are used under the supervision of dentists. It is not recommended to get bleaching materials on their own and who use the unattended.

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Dr Adriano Abreu

Avenida Dom Luis 1233 Room 1703, Fortaleza - 60135238,Ceara, Brazil

Dr Adriano Abreu Fortaleza 8317
Teeth Whitening Technical bleaching gel which is applied directly uses the teeth, causing the release of oxygen molecules react with the pigment yellowish teeth, removing it. Many people think that bleaching is done by laser light, but in fact, the laser serves only as a gel activator Read More

Odontologia Costa

Marshal Floriano Peixoto Street room 228 201, Curitiba - 80060110,Parana, Brazil

Odontologia Costa Curitiba 8335
Teeth Whitening There dua bleaching techniques: the home (known as a home) and the office (referred to as laser). toothpastes at no time has the power to whiten your teeth. The concentration of the whitening gel to arise effect is 16% and on the label of creams there is no such concentration. Read More

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