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Aashu Dental Clinic

Dr. K.K.Shahs Bunglow, B/h. Navrangpura Post Office, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad - 380009,Gujarat, India

Aashu Dental Clinic Ahmedabad 13753 1
Root Canal

When there is an acute infection with no pus accumalation in & around the tooth, Root canal treatment can be completed in a single sitting. The biggest diagnostic aid in this case is an X-ray. Which shows presence or absence of pus accumalation in the form of a Periapical Radioluency. X Ray shows Periapical Radioluency.

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Pure Dental clinic

HG 5 Real Point Above Surbhi Dairy, Honey Park Road, Adajan,, Surat - 395005,Gujarat, India

Pure Dental clinic Surat
Root Canal Root canal treatment: a dental treatment in which the diseased tissue in a root canal is removed and replaced with an inert material. Root Canal is treatment to save your decayed or badly caroius teeth instead of removing it.It keeps your natural teeth intact in mouth. Read More

Dr. Anjana Meena

shetrunjay apt. swastik soc. Nr.radha krishna mandir Trikam nagar 2, Surat - 395010,Gujarat, India

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Root Canal

A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s), and more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root. Anjana Meena is among the best dentistry in Surat.

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Brij Dental Clinic

First floor Akash III complex, above Hyundai and LML showroom Between Saptak Party Plot and Jaymangal BRTS, 132 feet ring road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad - 380013,Gujarat, India

Brij Dental Clinic Ahmedabad 9141
Root Canal Root canal treatment is one of the popular treatments that saves the tooth by removing the pulp tissue of the tooth. The treatment is usually indicated in the following cases: Infection of the tooth: In this case, an untreated decay of the tooth may lead to inflammation and infection of the pulp. This can be dangerous when the infection spreads to the surrounding bony structures. Read More


202,204, 2nd Floor, Jolly Plaza, Athwagate,, Surat - 395001,Gujarat, India

PearlDent Surat 9222
Root Canal The removal of the infected or irritated nerve tissue that lies within the root of the tooth. It is this infected pulp tissue that causes an eventual abscess. The first step in a root canal is to obtain access to the nerve. This is accomplished by establishing a small access opening in the top of the tooth. It will be done under a local anesthetic. Read More

Innovate Dental Centre

101, Ornate House, Opp. Fly Over Bridge, Athwa Ring Road, Surat - 395001,Gujarat, India

Innovate Dental Centre Surat 9233
Root Canal Expert endodontics services are carried out in our clinic. Dr. Anil Shah has a wide experience in this regard. The most common procedure done in endodontics is root-canal therapy, which involves the removal of diseased pulp tissue. The aim of treatment is to remove infection caused by bacteria from inside the tooth. We use anesthesia to make the procedure pain-free. An opening is made on the top of the tooth, then the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned and shaped for filling and sealing. The permanent filling is followed by new crown. We use Lasers for sterilization of root canals. Read More

Pooja Dent Care

M,25,26, Krishna Complex, Opp. Sardar Bridge Circle, Adajan Road,, Surat - 395009,Gujarat, India

Pooja Dent Care Surat
Root Canal Popularly, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is known to the patients as One treatment for all ailments for decayed teeth. Unfortunately, almost the last of the alternatives to save a tooth, RCT is the only treatment choice left for the dentist as patients enter the dental office only when the tooth starts paining and by then, all the damage is done! Read More

The Dental Hub

7,Antriksh, Opp.Kamdhenu Complex Nr.Polytechnic College Panjrapole Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380009,Gujarat, India

The Dental Hub Ahmedabad 9455
Root Canal The Dental Hub has expertise in Root Canal treatments. Root canal treatment is a tooth saving procedure. Root canal treatment is advised to patients when there is decay, cavity, under-mined caries, trauma, attrition etc.Nowadays, its an almost painless treatment or with minimal discomfort. Read More

Avories Dental Clinic Centre

304, maulik arcade, Above karnavati pagarkha bazaar, Opp. Mansi tower and nalanda complex landmark Vastrapur, judges bunglow road, Ahmedabad - 380015,Gujarat, India

Avories Dental Clinic Centre Ahmedabad 9458
Root Canal To understand a root canal treatment (RCT) better, it is good to know something about the basic structure of the tooth. Tooth is like a coconut (outer shell is hard and inner core is soft) , inside the tooth, under the white enamel and a hard layer of dentin, is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. When a tooth gets decayed, the infection spreads from enamel through dentin to pulp causing injury to the nerve and blood supply of the tooth which results in need of a RCT for the tooth. Read More

Dr Jay Mehta

B3, B4 Shyamal Complex, On 132 Feet Ring Road Opp. Vyas Wadi, Nr. Bhavsar Hostel, New Wadaj, Ahmedabad - 3800013,Gujarat, India

Dr Jay Mehta Ahmedabad 9171
Root Canal Root canal treatment (R.C.T.) is one name that gives many patients shivers when told about it. Actually it is an instant pain reliever and the best treatment to retain original tooth. A root canal treated tooth serves its purpose and function just as a healthy tooth.Root canal is a capillary which runs from the base of the root of the tooth to middle of the crown (visible part of the tooth). Root canal carries the pulp (network of blood and nerve cells) which brings the tooth to life. Read More

Dental Post And Core

Post and core are used to restore tooth morphology when there is not an adequate tooth structure. Contact Dr Jay Mehta to know more about the procedure. Prospective patients can arrange consultation wRead more

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