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Dent Plast

ul Radzyminska 5, Bialystok - 15863,Podlaskie, Poland

Dent Plast Bialystok 10227
Dental Denture Removable dentures are the kind of fillings which can be put in and taken out by a patient himself. Those dentures can be framed, overlaid, partly or complete functionally unstable dentures. We try to avoid using removable dentures if it is possible. We warn our patients about the effects of wearing those dentures especially functionally unstable ones. Prolonged wearing of them results in jawbone atrophy what means losing a bone and eventually the lack of basis to support any dentures. We would like to recommend a better solution in case of significant lack of teeth and this is dental implants (see dental implants) Read More

Beauty Dental Clinic

ul Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 13, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Beauty Dental Clinic Lublin
Dental Denture Prosthetics is the branch of dentistry dealing with replacement tooth tissues, as well as single and multiple missing teeth. Its range also includes playback of broken teeth and enjoying the great interest treatments shape correction and removal of permanent discoloration of teeth. Read More

Dental Klinik

Ul. Mickiewicza 128 A, Szczecin - 71-140,Zachodniopomorskie, Poland

Dental Klinik Szczecin 10322
Dental Denture Dentures are removable prosthetic used to replace the missing tooth. Usually they are made out of an acrylic resin which at times incorporates porcelain or metal to additionally support the structure. There are two main types of dentures: FULL DENTURES and PARTIAL DENTURES. Both types are finely crafted, custom-fitted. If properly maintained - they will appear natural and will give a perfect smile. Read More

Pure Clinic

Martyrs Road 181 Majdanek, Lublin - 20814,Lubelskie, Poland

Pure Clinic Lublin 10284
Dental Denture

Contact Pure Clinic today, to know how Dental Denture would help you achieve alteration that youve always wanted. We specialized in cosmetic dentistry, implant and all dental related issues. Pure Clinic is a modern, private dental practice offering world class dental services.

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Projekt Usmiech

76 Office Building Green Office ul. Partisan, Gdansk - 80254,Pomorskie, Poland

Projekt Usmiech Gdansk
Dental Denture

Find out everything you need to know about Dental Denture price, experience and end result you might expect by calling Projekt Usmiech and booking an appointment with our expert in Dental Denture.

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Ars Dent

ul Swietokrzyska 5 lok 4, Bialystok - 15843,Podlaskie, Poland

Ars Dent Bialystok 10361
Dental Denture

Are you frustrated with cruel comments of people? Are you tried of giving different excuses? Are you looking for reputed clinic in Bialystok for Dental Denture? Look no further than Ars Dent. We have treated many patients over the years and maintained consistency of delivering excellent results.

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Neo Dentica Klinika

Szparagowa 10 street, Lodz - 91-211,Lodzkie, Poland

Neo Dentica Klinika Lodz 10375
Dental Denture

Do you feel you smile is holding you social life back? Are you in need of a dentist? Contact Neo Dentica Klinika today. Our expert dentist has many years of experience. Give us a call today.

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Dr. Eva Paterek

ul Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 13, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Eva Paterek Lublin
Dental Denture

Do you feel shy and subconscious to smile? Do you shy away from smiling in the pictures? Visit Eva Paterek and consult with one of the best dentist in the Lublin.

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Dental Planet

1 ul Contemporary, Gdansk - 80180,Pomorskie, Poland

Dental Planet Gdansk 10328
Dental Denture

Welcome to Dental Planet Cosmetic and Specialists Dental Clinic. We are well equipped with state-of-the-art treatment and surgical facilities. Visit or give us a call to book consultation with our expert dentist.

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Dent Care

ul Wiatrakowa 4 2 lok U 4, Bialystok - 15827,Podlaskie, Poland

Dent Care Bialystok 10368
Dental Denture

Our clinic is a safety net dental clinic offering low-cost dental services to patients. Dent Care Dental Clinic offers thorough and professional dental services at a fraction of the cost to the public.

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