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Villa Nova Dental Clinic

ul. Kondratowicza 18,423, Warsaw - 03-285,Mazowieckie, Poland

Villa Nova Dental Clinic Warsaw 10280
Dental Veneers These are fixed prosthetic dentures used in cosmetic dentistry to cover the non-aesthetic surfaces of upper and lower teeth (discoloration of teeth difficult to whiten, enamel deficiencies, non-cosmetic fillings, extension of detrited teeth, diastema between teeth) Read More

Ideal Med

ul Chodzki 13 4 5 , Lublin - 20093,Lubelskie, Poland

Ideal Med Lublin 10282
Dental Veneers The veneers are the solution to the problem of unsightly smile because uneven, discolored and slightly damaged teeth. After a slight, economical sanding the front surface of the tooth is performed in a laboratory thin plate which is a new visible surfaces of the tooth. By using specially selected color composite cements permanently glue the veneer to the tooth. We can perform a variety of materials Read More


Pl Matejki 2 4 , Krakow - 31157,Malopolskie, Poland

Armadent Krakow
Dental Veneers Veneers are used to mask the discoloration of teeth, which can not be removed by other methods, adjusting the shape of the tooth, with the collapse of the incisal edge (work better and are more aesthetically pleasing than conventional composite fillings) and to close gaps between teeth (diastemami). Veneers because only a small developing tooth tissues are an alternative to crowns. In everyday use does not require special treatment. Read More

Dental Park

ul prof Adama Rozanskiego 52, Krakow - 32085,Malopolskie, Poland

Dental Park Krakow 10325
Dental Veneers Thin slices of porcelain mounted on lightly developed, the tooth surfaces. Precise extremely aesthetic work done in the laboratory, based on an impression. Even heavily stained, tilted, withdrawn or swung teeth can be converted using veneers in a beautiful natural smile. Read More

Implamed sc

ul. Bastionowa 2,, Lodz - 94-274,Lodzkie, Poland

Implamed sc Lodz 10385
Dental Veneers Porcelain veneers are a thin plate made of porcelain, about half a millimeter thick, which we use in the repair process usmiechu-improve cosmetic appearance of teeth. China imitates the structure of the teeth surfaces better than any other repair materials. It is a material harder than natural tooth enamel more resistant to wear, nieprzebarwialnym which creates porcelain material lasted for many years. Read More

Omega Dental Clinic

ul. Piaski 4,, Lodz - 94-003,Lodzkie, Poland

Omega Dental Clinic Lodz 10404
Dental Veneers Porcelain veneers are aesthetic restorations covering only visible front vestibular surfaces of natural teeth. They are made entirely of porcelain - without the metal frame, so they allow you to get a great aesthetic effect and change every smile. The biggest advantage is that veneers save dental hard tissue, because they require much less preparation of teeth than the dental prosthetic crowns. The thickness of porcelain veneers as necessary is only 0.3-0.7 mm, so that the interference in the hard tissue is minimal. Read More

Glam Smile

16G 118 Ul. Kutrzeby, Poznan - 61719,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Glam Smile Poznan 10342
Dental Veneers Whatever the reason, why your teeth need to be revised as thin as a nail coating made of porcelain in properly selected color - can greatly enhance your smile. Read More

Vita Dental

ul Basztowa 3, Krakow - 31143,Malopolskie, Poland

Vita Dental Krakow 10319
Dental Veneers Presently, most recognition from Patients and doctors receive porcelain veneers. They constitute the best and at the same time the most durable prosthetic supplement. Our dentists, in cooperation with prosthodontists, select their shapes and colours, so as to make them look like natural teeth. Read More

Dentista Pl

23A AXIS. Wladyslaw Jagiello, Poznan - 60694,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Dentista Pl Poznan 10347
Dental Veneers Veneers are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics of a smile, especially front teeth. Using a veneers can whiten your teeth, close spaces and create a beautiful wide smile. We can even get an effect similar to that after orthodontic treatment. Veneers can close the diastema, eliminate jagged and shortened teeth, discoloration and stains. When the patient for some reason can not wear braces or teeth crowns cover, then veneers may be the best solution. They give the effect quickly and for a long time. With veneers can, if conditions allow, freely design the shape, size and color of new teeth. Read More

Doktor Bart

12 axis. Millennial, Poznan - 61255,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Doktor Bart Poznan 10360
Dental Veneers Today, more and more interest is the application of veneers. These are permanent dentures, or non-releasable, used in cosmetic dentistry to cover unsightly labial and buccal surface of the upper and lower teeth. They are a middle way between the composite filling and prosthetic crown. They can be likened to the tips sticky on your nails, so much, that they are made of precious materials with high resistance to abrasion, crushing, chemical and physical factors, and in a fairly complicated process. Read More

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