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ul Czapinski 2, Krakow - 30048,Malopolskie, Poland

Indexmedica Krakow 10293
Root Canal This is an extremely important and difficult field of dentistry, because without a good canal treatment (endodontic) may not be any prosthetic work done on the dead tooth. Inaccurate or wrong treatment almost always ends up in a chronic inflammation of the bone around the root apex. This in turn is a direct cause of the cyst (cysts), and in the case of superinfection of such alteration, an abscess or purulent fistula. Untreated chronic inflammatory lesions of the bone become a dangerous source of illnesses like eg., Rheumatoid arthritis, glomerulonephritis, endocarditis, valvulitis, or optic neuritis. Read More


Pl Matejki 2 4 , Krakow - 31157,Malopolskie, Poland

Armadent Krakow
Root Canal root canal treatment be based on prevailing standards in the world today. Therefore, we various systems which are used for endodontic treatment so as to be able to adapt the method to the problem of the particular patient. During treatment, the doctor performs minutes. 2 photos RVG (digital X-ray is currently the smallest dose of radiation). Read More

Steczko Dentist

ul 1c Krakusy, Krakow - 30092,Malopolskie, Poland

Steczko Dentist Krakow 10302
Root Canal Both the dynamic development of dentistry observed in recent years, as well as increasing awareness of patients who tend more to maintain their own teeth than their removal and replacement prosthesis, makes endodontics - or root canal treatment is a very important part of daily dental practice. Read More

Dent Estetica

Fronton Office Center IV floor Street Stone 21, Krakow - 31403,Malopolskie, Poland

Dent Estetica Krakow 10305
Root Canal Root canal treatment is often associated with painful and unpleasant process. In DENTestetica we know that it does not have to be that way. With a skilled professionals and modern methods, endodontic treatment quickly, accurately, painlessly, and most importantly, effective. Read More

Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne

Balicka street 73, Krakow - 30149,Malopolskie, Poland

Albusdent Centrum Stomatologiczne Krakow 10309
Root Canal A toothache that appears sporadically usually indicates bacterial ingress into the dental pulp. Over time, such inflammation of the pulp can lead to the death of the tooth, allowing bacteria to spread to adjacent areas. If, at this point there, no appropriate treatment is undertaken, bacteria enters the bone through the root, and causing further inflammation. Read More

Zakopianka Centrum Stomatogiczne

ul Zakopianska 62 , Krakow - 31547,Malopolskie, Poland

Zakopianka Centrum Stomatogiczne Krakow 10313
Root Canal Endodontics (root canal treatment) - is an extremely popular method of treatment, which helps you avoid the extraction (removal) of the tooth. In situations where changes are irreversible dental pulp, root canal treatment becomes the best alternative because it allows you to keep cured tooth and avoid additional costs associated with implants or prosthesis. Many patients canal treatment is associated with significant pain and quite difficult to convince them that now anesthesia allows you to completely eliminate it Read More

Dental Park

ul prof Adama Rozanskiego 52, Krakow - 32085,Malopolskie, Poland

Dental Park Krakow 10325
Root Canal Root canal treatment is completely painless treatment today. Modern endodontics is a very rapidly growing field of dentistry. It requires the most modern equipment, at the highest level and a number of specialized training. Modern root canal treatment is one of the specialties of our clinic. The treatment is Dr. Jacek Sumara and Dr Bartholomew Sularz, both members of the Polish Endodontic Society, participants in many international courses and training in the most modern endodontic techniques. Read More

Ama Dent

Ul Tetmajera 7C, Zakopane - 34500,Malopolskie, Poland

Ama Dent Zakopane
Root Canal Root canal treatment is necessary when irreversible damage to the pulp (nerve). In this situation it is necessary to remove the debris from the root canal nerve and bacteria. We use special methods of chemo-mechanichnego develop a channel to allow for cleaning of the tooth root. Read More

GJ DENT SC Specialized Dental Offices

osiedle Piastow 65, Krakow - 31625,Malopolskie, Poland

GJ DENT SC Specialized Dental Offices Krakow 10316
Root Canal Our dentist can offer you a modern root canal treatment, so many teeth used to be condemned to remove the current can be healed.Splinting of loosened teeth in cases of advanced periodontal disease. Read More

Stupka Stomatologia

ul Kilinskiego 5a, Krakow - 30308,Malopolskie, Poland

Stupka Stomatologia Krakow 10321
Root Canal If necessary, using a microscope with a video channel - a root canal treatment according to the diagnosis method of single or multi-sessions. Read More

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