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Elektoralna Dental Clinic

ul. Elektoralna 28,, Warsaw - 00-892,Mazowieckie, Poland

Elektoralna Dental Clinic Warsaw 10278
Dental Implants Being aware of how important it is beautiful, full smile invest in long-term solutions, and even a lifetime. This possibility creates the titanium implants, which are implanted in place of the defect. It is equivalent to the loss of root, which integrates, ie. Grows bone and remain there for ever. Read More

Jesionowa Dental Clinic

ul. Jesionowa 20B,, Warsaw - 05-816,Mazowieckie, Poland

Jesionowa Dental Clinic Warsaw 10287
Dental Implants Implant teeth is small cone-shaped screw constructed of titanium, titanium alloy, or zirconium. Placed in the jawbone acts as a tooth root and forms the basis for the prosthetic reconstruction by attaching the connector. Implant prosthetic reconstruction can be a crown, bridge or denture. Read More

Dental Fraternity

ul. Mochnackiego 10,, Warsaw - 02-042,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dental Fraternity Warsaw 10289
Dental Implants The implant is a new root, which is implanted in place of the removed tooth. It is a pillar to secure the crown. It is made of titanium, which is treated by the body as its own bone. This fuses with it, as in the case of broken bones. Additions based implant (implants) allow very good aesthetic effect and effective restoration of the chewing action. Read More

NZOZ XO Dental Clinic

Sarmacka Str. 9,110, Warsaw - 02-972,Mazowieckie, Poland

NZOZ XO Dental Clinic Warsaw 10283
Dental Implants

Do you feel youve lost lip support? Are you suffering from poor speechdue to missing front teeth? Then dental implant is ideal procedure for you. Contact NZOZ XO Dental Clinic and book consultation with our expert dentist to understand how this procedure would help you.

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Dental Excellence

Aleje Jerozolimskie 56C,, Warsaw - 00-132,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dental Excellence Warsaw
Dental Implants This allows for the reconstruction of missing teeth in such a way that the patient felt as if he had his own teeth. Read More

MP Dental

Al. Zjednoczenia 1, lok. 225, Warsaw - 01829,Mazowieckie, Poland

MP Dental Warsaw 10291
Dental Implants The implant is currently the most modern method of rebuilding the missing tooth. This allows to complete absence of one or several teeth without requiring grinding adjacent teeth (such as is the case with bridges). The implant is a type of bolt with a specific shape and a specially prepared surface that is placed in the jawbone at the site of the missing tooth. It has a diameter of approx. 3-4mm and a length from 7 to 21mm, and functions as the artificial root. Read More

Dr. Adrian Luba

K.Chodkiewicza 8 osiedle Eko Park, Warsaw - 02-593,Mazowieckie, Poland

Adrian Luba Warsaw 14879 1
Dental Implants

Contact Adrian Luba today, to know how Dental Implants would help you achieve alteration that youve always wanted. We are trusted name in cosmetic treatment and surgical field, and we also boast many famous celebrity clientele.

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Dr. Dzulietta Kiworkowa

ul. Elektoralna 28,, Warsaw - 00-892,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dzulietta Kiworkowa Warsaw 14883 1
Dental Implants

If youre hesitating or have any doubt about Dental Implants; consultation with board certified dentist at Dzulietta Kiworkowa would really help. You can find many results of our past patients undergone Dental Implants on our website in before and after gallery section.

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Dr. Emma Kiworkowa

ul. Elektoralna 28,, Warsaw - 00-892,Mazowieckie, Poland

Emma Kiworkowa Warsaw 14884 1
Dental Implants

Are you in need of dental implant? It is important that you have enough dental bone to support the implant. There are some health conditions that warrant special consideration. Contact Emma Kiworkowa and book consultation with our expert dentist.

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Dr. Bartholomew Bountiful

ul. Mochnackiego 10,, Warsaw - 02-042,Mazowieckie, Poland

Bartholomew Bountiful Warsaw 14902 1
Dental Implants

Envision a new you with the Bartholomew Bountiful. Take the first step by booking a risk-free consultation with our Dental Implants experts today! We promise to not make any false claim or guide you to other unnecessary treatments or procedure.

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