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Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

17A Noskowskiego Street, Gdansk - 80395,Pomorskie, Poland

Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Gdansk
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening with the use of lamp or overlay method: only within an hour you can get a satisfactory effect of white teeth. As the addition to the teeth whitening we offer individually made, for the each patient, whitening overlays for the home use, with a special whitening preparation. Overlay method can also be used without prior bleaching lamp as a separate method of teeth whitening. Read More

Neodentica Dental Center

149,4,5 ul. Kartuska, Gdansk - 80138,Pomorskie, Poland

Neodentica Dental Center Gdansk
Teeth Whitening Beautiful, snow-white smile is nowadays synonymous with success. Unfortunately, coffee, tea, cigarettes and even fruit juices cause a gradual graying of our teeth. Discolored, yellow - gray teeth make you smile much less than we should and as we all know laughter is good for health. Fortunately, there is an effective method. Our patients, we offer professional teeth whitening - the latest laser whitening system Beyond method (teeth whitening using this method takes only 30 - 60 minutes) or overlay (overlay technique developed by the teeth and a syringe with a whitening gel, gel-filled pads should be worn at night by 3 4 consecutive nights). Read More


5 7 Kolobrzeska, Gdansk - 80390,Pomorskie, Poland

Dentico Gdansk 10301
Teeth Whitening requires more self-discipline and dealing approx. 2 weeks which involves setting at night specially prepared for the patients individual rails and applying to them a preparation with bleach. Read More

Fan Dent

71 2 Slovak, Gdansk - 80257,Pomorskie, Poland

Fan Dent Gdansk 10318
Teeth Whitening

International dental clinic of reference in the center of Gdansk specialized in dental implants, orthodontics, Dental filling, Gum Striping and teeth whitening. Fan Dent should be your preference when youre in need of a dentist. Book your appointment today.

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Dental HCentrum

12 13 ul. Miszewskiego, Gdansk - 80239,Pomorskie, Poland

Dental HCentrum Gdansk 10323
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening method for use with acrylic overlays adapted to the shape of the patients teeth with a whitening gel. This is the method used by the patient at home. Before whitening teeth cleaning should be performed with stone and sediment. Read More

Anna Dental Clinic

119, 120 Szeroka street, Gdansk - 80835,Pomorskie, Poland

Anna Dental Clinic Gdansk 10310
Teeth Whitening Get a beautiful, bright, white smile in only 45 minutes! Healthy teeth that have yellowed with age or stained from coffee, red wine or smoking usually respond well to whitening. Read More

Vis Dent

43 Al. Zwyciestwa, Gdansk - 80234,Pomorskie, Poland

Vis Dent Gdansk 10332
Teeth Whitening Among many methods of teeth whitening, the one which is most often recommended by dentists is the so called night overly whitening. The treatment is made by means of special gel which mainly consists of whitening agent - 10% carambide peroxide. Read More

Victoria Clinic

57 ul. Jaskowa Dolina, Gdansk - 80286,Pomorskie, Poland

Victoria Clinic Gdansk 10307
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening techniques include bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, and laser tooth whitening. Victoria Clinic is among the best dentistry in Gdansk. Over the years we have treated many patients. Our success rate is high.

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Art Dental Clinic

20 ul. Wyspianskiego, Gdansk - 80234,Pomorskie, Poland

Art Dental Clinic Gdansk 10335
Teeth Whitening Whitening System is one of the most popular in the world. Lamp, whereby such an operation is possible emits a cool blue light, filtered by over 12000 optical fibers and 30 layers of special filters. Read More

Dr. Yovita Zakrzewska

5 7 Kolobrzeska, Gdansk - 80390,Pomorskie, Poland

Yovita Zakrzewska Gdansk 14924 1
Teeth Whitening

In most cases, the natural colour of teeth is within a range of light greyish-yellow shades. Teeth naturally darken with age and their appearance can be affected by the accumulation of surface stains acquired from the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks. Teeth whitening technique at Yovita Zakrzewska would help you achieve smile which you can flaunt with confidence.

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