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26 Street Jordanowska, Wroclaw - 52403,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Clinident Wroclaw 10258
Root Canal Root canal treatment (endodontic) is often a consequence of prolonged and untreated caries process, so it is recommended that at a very deep caries cavities. The bacteria that cause tooth decay over time move towards the pulp, which is commonly called nerves, with the result that there is a creation of the infection and inflammation. Wroclaw canal treatment is also used for pulp necrosis after fracture or dislocation of the tooth or dental indications - before a crown or bridge. The essence of Wroclaw canal treatment is to remove from the chamber and root canal infected or dead pulp, mechanical, and decontamination widening channels and sealed with special materials to fill them. Read More

Dent Plast

ul Radzyminska 5, Bialystok - 15863,Podlaskie, Poland

Dent Plast Bialystok 10227
Root Canal Endodontics is the area of restorative dentistry which deals with root canal treatment. It is basically about removing infected or dead pulp and root canals to fill them in with suitable substances. We use nicel-titanic NiTi rotary tool in root canal treatment. We also use surgical magnifying glass in order to access the root canal precisely and treat pulp effectively ( alive part of a tooth which consists of vessels and nerves). Read More

Denta Spa

ul Federal 26, Lublin - 20148,Lubelskie, Poland

Denta Spa Lublin 10266
Root Canal Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with root canal treatment. In our dental office we also provide treatments in endodontics. Root canal treatment is a very complex process that requires precision and modern dental equipment. Until recently broken teeth were doomed to removal. Now, thanks to specialized hardware at our disposal, we can be effectively treated. High-quality devices allow us to thoroughly clean the root canal bacteria. Read More

Platinum Klinika

49 ul. Vytautas, Wroclaw - 50202,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Platinum Klinika Wroclaw 10267
Root Canal Endodontic treatment, used for caries complicated by inflammation, necrosis or gangrene (disintegration) of the dental pulp is often the only and last chance to save the tooth. It involves the removal from the chamber and root canal infected or dead pulp, mechanical widening. Treatment is conducted in a completely painless. Read More

Elektoralna Dental Clinic

ul. Elektoralna 28,, Warsaw - 00-892,Mazowieckie, Poland

Elektoralna Dental Clinic Warsaw 10278
Root Canal Endodontics, or root canal treatment is often the last resort, allowing you to keep the damaged tooth decay in the mouth. Untreated caries, periodontal disease and other diseases of the oral cavity may lead to the penetration of bacteria into the tooth, causing pain, necrosis, discoloration, or weakness. When this process is not stopped in time, it destroyed the tooth must be removed. Endodontics is based on a thorough cleaning of root canals in the affected tooth and the filling tightly. This treatment is designed to kill bacteria and inhibiting the progression of the disease. Read More

Dent Artis

ul Sapphire 2 24, Lublin - 20573,Lubelskie, Poland

Dent Artis Lublin
Root Canal The most common cause of toothache is an inflammation of the pulp. When it can not be cured, pulp must be removed. Thats what endodontics. During the procedure, a dentist removes the diseased pulp and bacteria from kanalnych systems, thoroughly cleaned, and then filled with a substance. After that the proceeds to reconstruct the crown. You should know that a well-cured tooth root canal, can be used practically for life. DentArtis and root canal treatment Read More

Villa Nova Dental Clinic

ul. Kondratowicza 18,423, Warsaw - 03-285,Mazowieckie, Poland

Villa Nova Dental Clinic Warsaw 10280
Root Canal Endodontics is a field of conservative dentistry dealing with root canal treatment of teeth. To put it very simple, the root canal treatment consist in removing the infected pulp from the sockets and root canals and subsequently filling them with chemically neutral material, that does not irritate the area adjacent to the tip of the root. After this treatment, the front teeth, if not very damaged, do not require a complicated reconstruction. In most cases it is sufficient to fill them with a composite material. The situation of back teeth - especially the molar ones is slightly different. The risk of breaking the canal treated tooth is much greater, and therefore it is recommended to cover it with a prosthetic crown. Read More

Ideal Med

ul Chodzki 13 4 5 , Lublin - 20093,Lubelskie, Poland

Ideal Med Lublin 10282
Root Canal Restorative recognizing the disease and offering the treatment of pulp and apical this endodontics. Root canal treatment is the main way to fight tooth diseases in endodontics.In our center, endodontic treatment always begins with the execution of X-ray images. Then the doctor makes local anesthesia, involves a rubber dam and opens the pulp chamber to remove the pulp (live, inflamed or dead) Read More

Pure Clinic

Martyrs Road 181 Majdanek, Lublin - 20814,Lubelskie, Poland

Pure Clinic Lublin 10284
Root Canal treatment for irreversible inflammation of the dental pulp. It involves the removal (under anesthesia), the diseased pulp chamber and root canal, disinfection and filling them with suitable material, usually gutta-percha. The whole treatment should be done under radiological, and in some cases larger (under an operating microscope). Read More

Jesionowa Dental Clinic

ul. Jesionowa 20B,, Warsaw - 05-816,Mazowieckie, Poland

Jesionowa Dental Clinic Warsaw 10287
Root Canal Endodontics, or root canal treatment, deals with the treatment of irreversible inflammation of the dental pulp. This is the last rescue before removing the tooth and the only way to restore it to its proper functioning. It involves the removal of infected or that lifeless nerve (or pulp) located in the crown portion and canals running in the roots of the tooth and filling these places with special material ( Gutta Percha ). Read More

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