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Magic Dental Studio

75C st. Market, Poznan - 62081,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Magic Dental Studio Poznan 10352
Teeth Whitening Whitening procedure applies only to natural teeth. DO NOT bleaches and damages crowns, bridges and fillings. It is possible that after whitening, you will have to re-do some dental work to match the whitened teeth. Read More

Dr. Beata Lesniewska

75C st. Market, Poznan - 62081,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Beata Lesniewska Poznan 15004 1
Teeth Whitening

International dental clinic of reference in the center of Poznan specialized in dental implants, orthodontics, Dental filling, Gum Striping and teeth whitening. Beata Lesniewska should be your preference when youre in need of a dentist. Book your appointment today.

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