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MD Clinic

Str Frederic Joliot Curie Nr 2,, Cluj-napoca - 400106,Cluj, Romania

MD Clinic Cluj-napoca 10771
Root Canal This consists in removing vascular nervous tissue (a nerve) of root canals, followed by cleaning, widening and sterilization of these channels and then filling them. Root canal filling is the last stage of endodontic treatment consisting of sealing the roots with special materials to prevent infection. Read More

Smart Dental

Calea Dorobantilor, Nr. 105,125, Cluj-napoca - 400609,Cluj, Romania

Smart Dental Cluj-napoca
Root Canal Tooth root canals shows the inside of vascular and nervous tissue (nerve) that provide nutrients intake. When occurs inflammation or infection of the tissue is necessary to remove him. Root canal treatment consists of removing nerve canals roots, followed by filling (filling) them with special materials which ensure sealing and prevent infection. Read More

Alverna Dental Studio

Str. Alverna 33,, Cluj-napoca - 400469,Cluj, Romania

Alverna Dental Studio Cluj-napoca 10776
Root Canal Accurate endodontic treatment of a tooth is of similar importance with creating a solid foundation for a building. When the root of a tooth is properly treated, following the instructions in specialty literature its life may be extended together with the right aesthetic and functionality requirements fulfilled. Read More

Stomestet Dental Clinic

Calea Manastur nr 68A, Cluj-napoca - 400540,Cluj, Romania

Stomestet Dental Clinic Cluj-napoca 10782
Root Canal Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is necessary when the pulp becomes irreversibly inflamed or necrotic (it dies). If pulp infection, initially located inside the tooth, is left untreated, it can spread in time to the jawbone and the soft tissues around the tooth. Read More

Dentaturism Center

12 Ion Mester street,, Cluj-napoca - 400650,Cluj, Romania

Dentaturism Center Cluj-napoca
Root Canal Endodontic treatments are having in view prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the dental pulp the soft tissue composed of blood vessels and nerves located inside the tooth and the apical region. Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the pulp becomes swollen or dies. If its not treated, the infection can spread to the bone and to the surrounding tissues. Read More

Dr Andrea Chisnoiu

Strada Gheorghe Dima, No. 4, ap. 2,, Cluj-napoca - 400650,Cluj, Romania

Dr Andrea Chisnoiu Cluj-napoca 10794
Root Canal Endodontic treatment consists of removing the pulp tissue (a nerve) of root canals, followed by cleaning, widening and sterilization of these channels and then plugging them. Root canal treatment is the last step is to seal the endodontic and roots with special materials that prevent infections. Read More

Dr Caloianu Monica

street. Fantanele, no. 7 bl. A, sc. 7 ground floor apt. 193,, Cluj-napoca - 400327,Cluj, Romania

Dr Caloianu Monica Cluj-napoca
Root Canal Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of infections pulp and periapical tissue (around the root). Cariile netratate la timp evolueaza spre interiorul dintelui si bacteriile din gura ajung la nervul dintelui (pulpa dentara) producandu-se inflamatia lui si aparitia durerii. Durerea poate fi intensa, lancinanta sau pulsatila, poate sa impiedice pacientul sa doarma sau sa manance. Durerea cedeaza la administrarea de antialgice (Algocalmin, Nurofen) si nu e nevoie de antibiotic. Pacientul trebuie sa se prezinte la dentist pentru crearea si aplicarea unui plan de tratament adecvat. Read More

Stomprax Medica

Str. Moti 145 ap.1,, Cluj-napoca - 400371,Cluj, Romania

Stomprax Medica Cluj-napoca 10803
Root Canal If a simple dental caries is not treated in time, it appears that this advance so much that infect the pulp (nerve). This phenomenon results in causing dental pain often unbearable. Following their patients often require tooth extraction because, without considering the consequences that involves loss of even just one tooth. Read More

Stati Dent

Str. Horea, Nr. 40, 3rd floor, Cluj-napoca - 400275,Cluj, Romania

Stati Dent Cluj-napoca 10774
Root Canal Endodontic treatment, also known as dental treatment performed on the tooth canal treatment is aimed at eliminating the current infection and protect the tooth from further infections. Read More

Vivadent Denatl care

Str. Spring 11A, Cluj-napoca - 400698,Cluj, Romania

Vivadent Denatl care Cluj-napoca 10801
Root Canal Endodontic treatment is necessary when the dental pulp is affected (infected or inflamed). The causes that can lead to pulp disease are varied. Read More

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