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Professional Laser Dent

Carol Boulevard, Nr. 138, Bl. J3 Intercom 2, Craiova - 200699,Dolj, Romania

Professional Laser Dent Craiova 10868
Root Canal Root canal therapy is necessary when a tooth is affected by the nerve (deep cavities, cracks, fractures) or when the infection is spread within the channel; It aims to save the tooth and block the spread of infection to / through the bone surrounding the tooth root. Read More

Dentist popescu

Str. Stephen Velovan, BL 2, ap 4, Craiova - 200068,Dolj, Romania

Dentist popescu Craiova 10856
Root Canal Specialty in charge of dental pulp disease diagnosis, improperly named nerve, bone around the roots of diseases and their treatment. Most often, the treatment of nerve damage means even its removal and endodontic obturation space. Read More


Decebal Boulevard. 84, bl. 14, ap.1,, Craiova - 200458,Dolj, Romania

Dentimplant Craiova 10865
Root Canal Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with complex treatment of diseases of the canals. This specialty is based restorative dentistry because the tooth heal from the inside. Read More


Str. Bibescu, no.54,, Craiova - 200377,Dolj, Romania

Dentaline Craiova 10871
Root Canal

A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal(s), and more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root. Dentaline is among the best dentistry in Craiova.

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Dr Rosoiu Dana Maria

Strada Pictor Ion Negulici 14,, Craiova - 200060,Dolj, Romania

Dr Rosoiu Dana Maria Craiova 10862
Root Canal rooted tooth endodontic treatment and pluriradicular dezobturare channel foreign body removal from the canal, removing DCR Read More

HappyDent Clinic

Nanterre Street, Nr. 29,, Craiova - 200491,Dolj, Romania

HappyDent Clinic Craiova 10859
Root Canal Endodontic treatment (known as root canal or removal of the nerve) is one of the most common medical procedures dental treating inside the tooth (the pulp chamber and the entire channel system) to eliminate infection and protection from future infections . Read More

Dental Arch Med

Str. No. brotherhood. 24,, Craiova - 200530,Dolj, Romania

Dental Arch Med Craiova
Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth (the root canal system). It\'s also known as \'endodontics\'. For more information on technique and procedure enquire at Dental Arch Med.

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Dr. Bogdan Popescu

Str. Stephen Velovan, BL 2, ap 4, Craiova - 200068,Dolj, Romania

Bogdan Popescu Craiova 15694 1
Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of choice to save the tooth when a tooth in following situations:Decayed thereby involving the nerve structure. This dental treatment is also recommended in cases of trauma to the tooth leading to fracture and discoloration of tooth.Bogdan Popescu is among the best dentistry in Craiova.

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Dr. Mihaela Popescu

Str. Stephen Velovan, BL 2, ap 4, Craiova - 200068,Dolj, Romania

Mihaela Popescu Craiova 15695 1
Root Canal

At times elective Root Canal is for aesthetic purposes by a cosmetic dentist if indicated when volume of tooth is disturbing the proposed smile design. Contact Mihaela Popescu today and consult with our expert cosmetic dentist.

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Dr. Anca Stefanache

Str. No. brotherhood. 24,, Craiova - 200530,Dolj, Romania

Anca Stefanache Craiova 15714 1
Root Canal

When a tooth is sensitive to hot beverages, or painful in the sleeping position its the time to visit the dentist as it may endangering the nerve of the tooth warranting a root canal treatment. Anca Stefanache is among the best dentistry in Craiova.

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