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Dr. Andreea Semen

Str. Herastrau Nr. 1 Sector 1, Bucharest - 011861,Bucuresti, Romania

Andreea Semen Bucharest 15575 1
Teeth Whitening

International dental clinic of reference in the center of Bucharest specialized in dental implants, orthodontics, Dental filling, Gum Striping and teeth whitening. Andreea Semen should be your preference when youre in need of a dentist. Book your appointment today.

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Smart Dental

Calea Dorobantilor, Nr. 105,125, Cluj-napoca - 400609,Cluj, Romania

Smart Dental Cluj-napoca
Teeth Whitening The bleaching with UV Zoom Advanced Power, used in the dental office SmartDental provides remarkable results in just 45 minutes. The procedure is harmless and free of discomfort and reduced treatment time, and the major change dental color make it to be a perfect choice for busy people. Read More

Dental Socolov

Str. Motilor Nr. 106,5,, Cluj-napoca - 400000,Cluj, Romania

Dental Socolov Cluj-napoca
Teeth Whitening BriteSmile by Philips IS the only existing system that does not cause sensitivity and does not attack the enamel, the effects are visible after just one hour. Bleaching is deep and the enamel and dentin are also whitened so you can enjoy your smile for years. Read More

Livia Dent Clinic

Str. Badea Cartan Nr. 62, Bucharest - 11861,Bucuresti, Romania

Livia Dent Clinic Bucharest 10818
Teeth Whitening The gel is applied to the teeth while the gums and lips will be protected. ZOOM whitening procedure takes about an hour lamp while the patient can track the TV shows or listen to music. Treatment of teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry service in increasingly requested from the latest public but while both staff and personnel pays attention to appearance and teeth. Smile and teeth reveal the positive image we need to fill. Read More

Smile Clinica Medicina Dentara

Str Palas nr 7 United Business Center 3 Etaj 1, Iasi - 700051,Iasi, Romania

Smile Clinica Medicina Dentara Iasi
Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is a procedure that takes place at the dental practice and uses a light-activated bleaching gel to whiten your teeth. The procedure usually takes approx 1 hour and produces instant whitening results. Before the teeth whitening process is started a dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, removing any surface stains and tartar. Read More

Professional Laser Dent

Carol Boulevard, Nr. 138, Bl. J3 Intercom 2, Craiova - 200699,Dolj, Romania

Professional Laser Dent Craiova 10868
Teeth Whitening cosmetic dentistry dental aesthetics younger sister, is a goal, an objective, a goal of restoring or obtain an overall improvement in dental imaging. Cosmetic dentistry tooth forms most beautiful relatively simple interventions, but often are temporary, limited. Aesthetics is more complex parameters must achieve absolute symmetry, alignment, dental proportionality and light whites and those of symmetry and proportionality of pink gum. Needs for carrying out complex implantology, orthodontics, prosthodontics and periodontal or dental alveolar surgery. Read More

Profident Servicii Stomatologice

Wash Bahlui no 31 bl B4 ground floor, Iasi - 700126,Iasi, Romania

Profident Servicii Stomatologice Iasi
Teeth Whitening The whitening treatment in the dental office is conducted in the following manner: doctor isolated gums to them protect a species barrier, then hydrogen peroxide gel applied to the external surface of the teeth. Then designing a special light -Laser - dental surfaces. Read More

M and M Dental Team

Str. ONESTI, Nr. 37,, Constanta - 900191,Constanta, Romania

M and M Dental Team Constanta
Teeth Whitening People who smile are perceived as being more beautiful, regardless of their age. Smiling helps to relieve both physical and mental stress while making us look more healthy and calm. Read More


Str. Ion Andreescu Nr. 17A,, Constanta - 900630,Constanta, Romania

Pedodent Constanta 10835
Teeth Whitening Your smile is important. It is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. The smile reveals teeth, and this put into value. A white, shiny smile makes you feel comfortable and confident in himself. Read More

Radius Dent

Strada Stefan cel Mare, nr. 2,, Constanta - 900382,Constanta, Romania

Radius Dent Constanta
Teeth Whitening If you are unhappy with your smile (in terms of coloristic) or you want a bright smile at an event where you are or want to be the center of attention, there are many processes and methods of teeth whitening in aesthetic purposes. Read More
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