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Implant Centre

Route de Florissant 2, Geneve - 1206,Geneve, Switzerland

Implant Centre Geneve 9519
Dental Crowns When the original tooth is damaged by decay and the remaining portion is too weak for dental filling, dental crowns are used to reinforce it. Dental crowns can also be fixed on an implant in order to replace a missing tooth. In that case, they are called implant crowns. Dental crowns can be made entirely of metal alloy (but this method is less and less common nowadays) or can be covered up with porcelain. Zirconium crowns are now very popular. Since they do not contain any metal, zirconium crowns prove to be the most aesthetic solution. Read More

Dr Manfred Klein

3 Lowenstrasse, Zurich - 8001,Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Manfred Klein Zurich
Dental Crowns A crown is a kind of cap which covers the entire tooth like a protective mantle and thereby prevents more caries from penetrating. Once it is glued in, it completely seals the tooth. Crowns are used when the tooth substance is severely destroyed, with deep plaque, injuries or for aesthetic reasons, e.g. when the teeth are in the wrong position or deformed. Read More

Clinique Dentaire de Geneve

29 Avenue de France, Geneve - 1202,Geneve, Switzerland

Clinique Dentaire de Geneve Geneve
Dental Crowns Crowns can be united together and form a bridge. From 3 and up to 14 elements these bridges are replacing missing teeth eliminating the necessity of the surgical phase of implants. Read More

Dr Alan Kruger

Bahnhofstrasse 10, Zug - 6312,Zug, Switzerland

Dr Alan Kruger Zug 9524
Dental Crowns rowns and bridges are fixed onto natural teeth or screwed onto implants. The crowns and bridges are made of pure porcelain or a bonding of porcelain to a precious metal alloy. Crowns and bridges serve as a long term solution to badly damaged teeth, or teeth with large existing fillings. Due to tooth loss, gaps occur in the tooth arch. Read More

Dr Voula Theophilou

Carrefour de Rive 1, Geneve - 1207,Geneve, Switzerland

Dr Voula Theophilou Geneve
Dental Crowns Crowns (or caps) are used to protect and restore damaged, root filled or discoloured teeth to their former glory. Read More


1 Freischutzgasse, Zurich - 8004,Zurich, Switzerland

ZahnCity Zurich 9511
Dental Crowns An artificial crown works like a permanent cover over the whole tooth, which enable all edges and defects to be sealed inside. The only crown margin there is can be found under the gums and closed by cement. Read More

Dr Lidia Scholpp

107 Uetlibergstr, Zurich - 8045,Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Lidia Scholpp Zurich
Dental Crowns

Contact Dr Lidia Scholpp today, to know how Dental Crowns would help you achieve alteration that youve always wanted. We specialized in cosmetic dentistry, implant and all dental related issues. Dr Lidia Scholpp is a modern, private dental practice offering world class dental services.

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Zahnarzte am Central

31 Weinbergstrasse, Zurich - 8006,Zurich, Switzerland

Zahnarzte am Central Zurich 9537
Dental Crowns

Find out everything you need to know about Dental Crowns price, experience and end result you might expect by calling Zahnarzte am Central and booking an appointment with our expert in Dental Crowns.

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Dr Wolfgang Muller

61 Schutzenmattstrasse, Basel - 4051,Basel-stadt, Switzerland

Dr Wolfgang Muller Basel 9542
Dental Crowns

Are you frustrated with cruel comments of people? Are you tried of giving different excuses? Are you looking for reputed clinic in Basel for Dental Crowns? Look no further than Dr Wolfgang Muller. We have treated many patients over the years and maintained consistency of delivering excellent results.

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Dr. Alexander Kaman

Route de Florissant 2, Geneve - 1206,Geneve, Switzerland

Alexander Kaman Geneve 13837 1
Dental Crowns

Have you lost your teeth to severe decay? Do you feel embarrassed due to your broken teeth? Are your teeth weak and you finding it difficult to chew your food? The solution will be visiting a dentist.

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