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Dr Catherine Andrzejewicz

Street Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 12, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Dr Catherine Andrzejewicz Lublin
Hair Loss Treatment Mesotherapy scalp. One of the most common indications for mesotherapy hair are diseases in which there is a loss or a significant weakening of the hair structure. By administering the scalp preparations of minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs can greatly improve the nutrition of hair, stop hair loss and even cause regrowth of lost hair. Read More

Dr Maciej Krajewski

Bukowinska 22a, Warsaw - 02703,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dr Maciej Krajewski Warsaw
Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is common for both man and women. For women, a thorough disease specific medical evaluation is necessary in treating hair disorders with a trained medical hair specialist. Hair loss treatments are nowadays available.

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Dr Santa Pernak

Al. Grunwaldzka 549, Gdansk - 80254,Pomorskie, Poland

Dr Santa Pernak Gdansk
Hair Loss Treatment

Women typically notice hair loss during the menopausal period with reduced hair density usually in the middle of the scalp that thins laterally. The hair is often miniaturized because of a longer resting telogen phase. Hair loss treatments are nowadays available.

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Perfect Skin

ul.M. Wankowicza 3, Bydgoszcz - 85796,Kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

Perfect Skin Bydgoszcz 12365
Hair Loss Treatment The therapy struggling with hair loss used mesotherapy needle and microneedle with appropriately selected active preparation. Read More

Laser Med

Jagiellonska 109, Bydgoszcz - 85027,Kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

Laser Med Bydgoszcz 12367
Hair Loss Treatment Fusion mesotherapy treatment involves the precise delivery of active ingredients to the upper layer of the skin to a depth of about 1-2 mm using microinjection. Hair loss (alopecia) is a common problem for both man and women, the most common is androgenetic alopecia, which is 95% of the cases of hair loss. F-Men Hair is an exclusive product whose operation is based on a mixture of peptides, growth factors, organic silicon, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. Effectively treat hair loss. Read More
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