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Dr. Michael May

11 16 Manchester St, London - W1U4DJ,England, United Kingdom

Michael May London 17821 1
Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most aesthetically challenging procedures. This procedure can be done by both the FUE or the FUG/strip technique. It is a very safe and affordable procedure. The procedure will enhance your confidence.

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Dr. Asim Shahmalak

10 Harley Street, London - W1G9PF,England, United Kingdom

Asim Shahmalak London 17830 1
Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrow transplant procedure is virtually painless, and takes approximately 5 to 7 days from which to recover.This is true no matter whether the entire eyebrow or portions of the eyebrow are being restored.

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Dr. Luciano Sciacca

288 Kensington High St, London - W14 8NZL,England, United Kingdom

Luciano Sciacca London 17849 1
Eyebrow Transplant

One of the best aspects of an eyebrow transplantation is that the procedure to have it done is rather straightforward. Depending on the extent of what you want done, whether a small amount of restoration in order to cover a scar or a full restoration to thick eyebrows, the procedure can involve the transplanting of anywhere from 50 to as many as 400 grafts per eyebrow, with each graft containing typically one or two hairs.

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The Wimpole Clinic

11 16 Manchester St, London - W1U4DJ,England, United Kingdom

The Wimpole Clinic London 12620
Eyebrow Transplant Although the procedure is relatively simple, requiring only a local anaesthetic and no lengthy stay in hospital, the surgeon must be able to work with exact precision and accuracy to get good results. Each eyebrow typically needs between 250 and 400 hairs to create a natural and healthy appearance; the actual number will vary depending on the size and appearance of the existing eyebrow as well as the desired result. Read More

Crown Clinic

10 Harley Street, London - W1G9PF,England, United Kingdom

Crown Clinic London
Eyebrow Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction eyebrow transplants (FUE) are surging in popularity as women and even some men seek ways to permanently restore or establish hair in the area. The process typically involves removing a section of hair from the patient, most commonly from the back of the scalp, and grafting the hair to the eyebrow, augmenting the existing brows or replacing them completely if a patient has lost all their natural brows. Read More

Timeless London Hair Transplant Clinic

288 Kensington High St, London - W14 8NZL,England, United Kingdom

Timeless  London Hair Transplant Clinic London 12656
Eyebrow Transplant Is a safe procedures with low risk, and reliable option for those who experience thinning and hair loss in the eyebrows area. The reason for eyebrow hair loss will significantly influence treatment options. Eyebrow hair can become thin or brittle due to stress, genetics, age, and sometimes injuries like burns. The side effects of some medications can also influence the fullness of the eyebrow. Read More

Vinci Hair Clinic

17 Wigmore Street, London - W1U1PQ,England, United Kingdom

Vinci Hair Clinic London
Eyebrow Transplant Eyebrow loss can affect both men and woman alike, from mild density loss, small patches, to total hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic we can reshape, improve density or total rebuild your eyebrows regardless of gender. Read More

RestoPlus Hair Clinic

Unit 26 806 High Road Leyton, London - E106AE,England, United Kingdom

RestoPlus Hair Clinic London 12649
Eyebrow Transplant During a FUE eyebrow hair transplant procedure, the donor area is prepared first. Typically, for an eyebrow transplant, this is the area directly behind the ears. The hair is carefully and discreetly taken out of the donor area, one follicle at a time, and then transplanted to the transplant area. It is performed under local anaesthetic and many patients comfortably fall asleep during the procedure. Read More
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