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Pacific Hair

1125 S Beverly Drive Suite 410, Los Angeles - 90035,California, United States

Pacific Hair Los Angeles
Female Pattern Baldness Females with female-pattern hair loss, in about 50-70% of cases, have sufficient donor hair to transplant the top of their hairline, rebuild the hairline, and obtain a good result. For many years, we have done this by doing two procedures about 3-6 months apart. There is usually a temporary loss of the miniaturized fine hair in the thinning and balding areas on ladies, so rather than go through that twice, it is better to put the procedures closer together. Read More

California Hair Sugeon

2400 Samaritan Drive, Ste. 103, San Jose - 95124,California, United States

California Hair Sugeon San Jose 12759
Female Pattern Baldness Unlike hair loss in men, female scalp hair loss may commonly begin at any age through 50 or later, may not have any obvious hereditary association. A woman who notices the beginning of hair loss may not be sure if the loss is going to be temporary or permanentfor example, if there has been a recent event such as pregnancy or illness that may be associated with temporary hair thinning. Read More

Jenesis Hair Transplant Center

1471 Saratoga Ave.200, San Jose - 95129,California, United States

Jenesis Hair Transplant Center San Jose 12763
Female Pattern Baldness A womans hair is her crowning glory and one of the features many women spend the most time and money on. If it begins to fall out, it can be absolutely devastating. It can lead to total loss of confidence and even depression. Jenesis Hair Transplant Center has ioneered a new hair transplant technique that delivers realistic, it can be more than ust upsetting, natural looking results with minimal downtime. Read More

New Hair Institute

5757 Wilshire Blvd Promenade 2, Los Angeles - 90036,California, United States

New Hair Institute Los Angeles
Female Pattern Baldness

US Hair Transplant

4660 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 500, San Diego - 92122,California, United States

US Hair Transplant San Diego 12713
Female Pattern Baldness Female pattern baldness involves a specific pattern of hair loss in females, usually caused by hormones, aging, and genetic factors. This condition is also called female pattern alopecia and female baldness. Read More

Dr Marc Dauer

2080 Century Park East Suite 1802, Los Angeles - 90067,California, United States

Dr Marc Dauer Los Angeles 12670
Female Pattern Baldness

Invisible Hair

1946 Monte Vista Drive Vista, San Diego - 92084,California, United States

Invisible Hair San Diego 12719
Female Pattern Baldness

Millennium Hair Restoration

3750 Convoy Street Suite 175, San Diego - 92111,California, United States

Millennium Hair Restoration San Diego 12721
Female Pattern Baldness

Regenix Hair Clinic

Cedars Sinai Medical Office Towers 8631 West Third Street Suite 420 E, Los Angeles - 90048,California, United States

Regenix Hair Clinic Los Angeles 12667
Female Pattern Baldness

Hair Restoration California

11500 West Olympic Blvd 330, Los Angeles - 90064,California, United States

Hair Restoration California Los Angeles 12669
Female Pattern Baldness
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