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Carolina Dermatology Hair Center

10650 Park Road Suite 310, Charlotte - 28210,North Carolina, United States

Carolina Dermatology Hair Center Charlotte
Hair Loss Treatment Dermatologists classify hair loss as either non-scarring or scarring alopecia. Pattern hair loss is a type of non-scarring alopecia. The use of the word scarring is a bit confusing and misleading. It means that hair follicles are absent, from microscopic scarring within the scalp. In non-scarring alopecia, even though hair shafts have been lost, the hair follicles are still present within the skin. In scarring alopecia, inflammation or trauma has resulted in the actual destruction of hair follicles and may or may not be associated with visible scars on the surface of the scalp. Read More

Ladner Facial Plastic Surgery

425 S Cherry St Suite 321, Denver - 80246,Colorado, United States

Ladner Facial Plastic Surgery Denver 13269
Hair Loss Treatment Many factors can lead to hair loss. Most commonly, hair loss is due to specific genetics and circulating hormones, termed androgenetic alopecia. This can affect both women and men. Androgenetic alopecia results in stunting and eventual cessation of hair growth. When approximately 50% or more of the hair volume is lost, thinning becomes apparent. Additional factors, such as certain medical conditions and lifestyle choices, may also contribute to hair loss. Read More

Parish Dermatology

Rittenhouse Square Center City 1845 Walnut Street Suite 1650, Philadelphia - 19103,Pennsylvania, United States

Parish Dermatology Philadelphia 11604
Hair Loss Treatment Hair loss, for both men and women, can be physically and emotionally stressful. At Parish Dermatology, we understand and take special care in making sure you understand your diagnosis and the treatments that will be used. Read More

Houston Hair Transplant Center

1941 West TC Jester 104, Houston - 77008,Texas, United States

Houston Hair Transplant Center Houston 12716
Hair Loss Treatment Hair loss and hair thinning can be caused by a variety of different conditions. Although, many researchers still blame genetics for this condition there are a number of other factors that can speed up hair loss. Read More

Southwest Plastic Surgery

925 S Walnut, Las Cruces - 88001,New Mexico, United States

Southwest Plastic Surgery Las Cruces
Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is common for both man and women. For women, a thorough disease specific medical evaluation is necessary in treating hair disorders with a trained medical hair specialist. Hair loss treatments are nowadays available.

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Dr Toby Meltzer Plastic Surgery

7025 N. Scottsdale Road Suite 302, Scottsdale - 85253,Arizona, United States

Dr Toby Meltzer Plastic Surgery Scottsdale 1778
Hair Loss Treatment

Women typically notice hair loss during the menopausal period with reduced hair density usually in the middle of the scalp that thins laterally. The hair is often miniaturized because of a longer resting telogen phase. Hair loss treatments are nowadays available.

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Teleos Plastic Surgery

836 South Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena - 91105,California, United States

Teleos Plastic Surgery Pasadena 2933
Hair Loss Treatment

Suffering from hair loss and planning to undergo a surgical treatment for the same. There are various hair loss treatments available nowadays. Though hair transplants seems to top the list.

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Dr Randal Haworth

436 North Bedford Drive Suite 105, Beverly Hills - 90210,California, United States

Dr Randal Haworth Beverly Hills 3178
Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant is a type of hair loss treatment. In a hair transplant, grafts are removed from the back of the head and placed on areas where there is no hair or thinning is noticed.

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Dr Richard Burgmeier

7045 E 3rd Ave, Scottsdale - 85251,Arizona, United States

Dr Richard Burgmeier Scottsdale 5362
Hair Loss Treatment

Scalp reduction is a hair loss treatment. With advances in the hair transplant method, this surgical option is becoming redundant now. it is a quick way to get your hair back. In scalp reduction surgery, the bald patches are cut off and the rest of the scalp is sewed back together.

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Philadelphia Center For Dermatology

8400 Roosevelt Blvd. Suite 200, Philadelphia - 19152 ,Pennsylvania, United States

Philadelphia Center For Dermatology Philadelphia 11602
Hair Loss Treatment

The hair cloning is a method for hair loss treatment. Though it will take a few more years for the treatment to take place on human hair, it is based on the cloning process. The procedure involves using existing hair follicles and then multiplying or cloning them in a lab. These are then injected on the balding areas to stimulate hair growth.

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