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San Jose de Calasanz 176, Buenos Aires - 1428,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Hoogstra Buenos Aires 4902
Chemical Peel

Skin imperfections can really spoil the peace of your mind. Sometimes, natural remedies do not give effective results and it becomes important to peel-off the damaged skin so a fresher look can be achieved. With the help of chemical skin peels, you can get a clearer, plumper and brighter skin.

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Versace Patat

Loria 402 Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires - 1832,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Versace Patat Buenos Aires 4728
Chemical Peel

Advanced Chemical Skin Peels Treatment is a high quality service, designed especially to improve the skin complexion, de-tanning, Age control, pimple, pigmentation reduction among others.

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Dr Federico Aldaz

Balcarce 3501 Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires - B7606DPA,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Federico Aldaz Buenos Aires 4730
Chemical Peel

This chemical peel service makes use of the best in class peels available worldwide, that has high quality and potent ingredients, formulated into customized packages for various skin concerns.

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Evangelista Torricelli 5615, Cordoba - X5000,Cordoba, Argentina

Sublimis Cordoba 4743
Chemical Peel

When you choose to have a chemical skin peel, a non-surgical clinician will examine your skin rigorously and we will provide customized skin peel solutions designed for your skin in the most hygienic atmosphere keeping in mind the various skin types and skin concerns.

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La Silueta

Teodoro Garcia 2593, Buenos Aires - 1426,Distrito Federal, Argentina

La Silueta Buenos Aires 4746
Chemical Peel

There are numerous benefits of chemical peel procedure. It enhances skin texture, Fine lines reduced are reduced. It is a Non-Toxic treatment. The procedure is quite a safe method of treatment.

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Instituto De Rejuvenecimiento

Av. Santa Fe 2992, Buenos Aires - 1426,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Instituto De Rejuvenecimiento Buenos Aires 4885
Chemical Peel

The chemical peel procedure is a very safe method and requires minimal recovery time. The advanced skin peels work by various mechanisms, depending upon the peel selected based on the skin concern. All the peels have got the basic mechanism of removing the superficial layers of dead skin cells which form over the skin in the course of their regular shedding.

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Dr Claudio Pol

Avda. Pueyrredon 411 5to. I. , Buenos Aires - 1032,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Claudio Pol Buenos Aires 13464
Chemical Peel The chemical peel procedure allows us to eliminate the superficial layers of the skin. The result is a smoother skin with a more youthful appearance. It is ideal for shriveled skins, you photodamaged, fine facial wrinkles and blemishes. You can improve your active acne or the consequences thereof. Read More

Dr Edga Cisneros

Jose Evaristo Uriburu, 1252 6 to F Ciudad Autonoma de, Buenos Aires - C1114AAJ,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Edga Cisneros Buenos Aires
Chemical Peel It is the action to exfoliate, exfoliate the skin through a professional act performed with a particular chemical, with measured effects. It is simple and painless application that activates the natural replacement of damaged skin, correcting imperfections, blemishes, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, acne scars, photoaging, stretch marks, dullness, restoring skin brightness and natural light. Read More

Cerro Estetica and Laser

Matorras Gregoria, Cordoba - 3494,Cordoba, Argentina

Cerro Estetica and Laser Cordoba 4698
Chemical Peel

This procedure of chemical peel uses a combination of facial peels to combat the demands of your skin. In addition, there are additional actions of some specialized peels like controlling the oiliness in case of pimple control and controlling the melanin production in case of deep pigment reduction.

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Infinita Belleza

Av. Santa Fe 1480 Piso 13 Ofic A, Buenos Aires - 1023,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Infinita Belleza Buenos Aires 4703
Chemical Peel

The process of chemical peel takes approximately 30 minutes for each session and it takes approximately 6-8 sessions to see a very good result depending upon the skin concern. The exact details of it can be recommended by consulting expert Dermatologists.

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