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Dr Andres Freschi

Arenales 1630, Buenos Aires - 1062,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Andres Freschi Buenos Aires 4700
Scar Removal

A scar is a line or a patch of tissue that replaces normal skin after injury or disease. Scar removal treatment aims to improve the appearance of scars. There are many scar removal treatments available.

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Clinica Robles

Virrey del Pino 2530 Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - 1062,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Clinica Robles Buenos Aires 4707
Scar Removal

In Buenos Aires best Clinica Robles provide scar revision surgery by expert dermatologist which reduces marks and enables better resurfacing by lasers.

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Dr Roberto Ordonez

Av. Las Heras 2050, Buenos Aires - 1419,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Roberto Ordonez Buenos Aires 4777
Scar Removal

There are various causes of scars such as Acne or chickenpox, Burns, Cuts or grazes, Surgery. The worse the initial damage is to the tissue, the worse the scar will be. The scar removal procedure will solve the issue.

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Dr Esteban Blanco

Arenales 605 14th floor, Buenos Aires - 1426,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Esteban Blanco Buenos Aires
Scar Removal

Your skin colour, age and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle (for example smoking) will all affect how your skin reacts to the scar damage. The scar removal procedure will resolve the issue. It is a safe and affordable procedure.

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Dr Horacio Lopez Carlone

Bulnes 1689, Buenos Aires - C1425DKA,Distrito Federal, Argentina

Dr Horacio Lopez Carlone Buenos Aires 4896
Scar Removal

There are several different types of scar,Atrophic scar a sunken or pitted scar. You may get this type of scarring after having acne or chickenpox.Treatment of Scars are usually permanent and you may choose to have scar removal treatment. This doesnt guarantee that the scar will be removed, but the treatments aim to make it less obvious and reduce any tightness it may cause.

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