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Dr. Ingrid Hormann

1 Hans Sachs Gasse, Graz - 8010,Steiermark, Austria

Ingrid Hormann Graz 17670 1

A quick, safe and simple procedure involving Botox Muscle Relaxing injections can smooth out those lines and wrinkles on the upper part of your face, giving you a more relaxed and youthful appearance which can last for several months. Contact Ingrid Hormann today, to book appointment with our Botox specialist.

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Dr Thomas Rappl

Auenbruggerplatz 29, Graz - 8036,Steiermark, Austria

Dr Thomas Rappl Graz
Botox The Botox treatment now become famous is an anti-wrinkle method. By advancing age, increased sunlight, gravity and by the movement of the muscles in the face lines and wrinkles may occur. Wrinkles, which are caused by the movement of facial muscles, can be treated with Botox is ideal, for example, include frown lines, crows feet and forehead wrinkles Read More

Dr Franz Haas

Berthold Linder Weg 15, Graz - 8047,Steiermark, Austria

Dr Franz Haas Graz
Botox Botox is a neurotoxin, as is commonly known, able to paralyze muscles for 4-6 months. We have all seen the typical rigid faces of actresses, whose therapy had obviously been exaggerated. Nevertheless, when used in moderation and targeted, Botox can often prevent wrinkle development for years, making it a good treatment option especially in the forehead area and around the eyes. Especially in recent years, targeted Botox treatment of the lower face area, neck, and particularly lips (ruffled mouth) has gained importance and partially replaced dermal fillers. Read More

Dr Ingrid Hormann

1 Hans Sachs Gasse, Graz - 8010,Steiermark, Austria

Dr Ingrid Hormann Graz 12475
Botox Also ideal to excessive sweating in the armpits sweating is one of the vital processes of temperature regulation in humans. Increasingly sweat glands are found in the armpits and palms and soles. Read More

Dr Eva Waniek

1 Fohrengrund, Graz - 8043,Steiermark, Austria

Dr Eva Waniek Graz 12476

Botox is frequently used for reducing fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. There are several other places that Botox treatment can also be placed to enhance aesthetic appearance. Contact Dr Eva Waniek today, to book appointment with our Botox specialist.

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