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Dr Kristin Smet

Veerstraat 66, Gent - 9031,Oost-vlaanderen, Belgium

Dr Kristin Smet Gent
Rosacea Treatment In the superficial dermis are numerous small capillaries. These are normally closed. A change in temperature, effort, stress, these vessels can dilate ... (turn off), resulting in a red complexion. In individuals who are prone to develop rosacea, which dilation of the capillaries occurs only under the influence of lighter triggers and other triggers such as hot drinks and foods, certain spices, alcohol, ... After a while the capillaries remain off continuously, which fine veins and explains the general redness in the face. Read More

Dr. Kristin Smet

Veerstraat 66, Gent - 9031,Oost-vlaanderen, Belgium

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Rosacea Treatment
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