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Clareth Day Hospital

5 Av 16 49 interior B zona 10, Guatemala City - 86720,Guatemala, Guatemala

Clareth Day Hospital Guatemala City
Botox This medical product is unique in slow or paralyze muscles forming wrinkles, mainly in the upper third of the face. It is not a surgery itself, has minimal contraindications and can be performed in a few minutes, watching results in a few days after application. Read More

Nova Esthetics

2da calle 25 19 zona 15 Vista Hermosa I Edificio Multimedica 14vo nivel Clinica 1401 , Guatemala City - 86720,Guatemala, Guatemala

Nova Esthetics Guatemala City 10973
Botox It is the indicated method to treat and prevent wrinkles. It gives a lifting effect, maintaining a more relaxed expression without losing the natural appearance. The effect shows during the first 5 days but lasts 6-8 months. We recommend the application of Botulinum Toxin for 1 to 3 times per year. Read More
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