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Clinic Medi i

No 7, Jalan Alfa U6 F Pusat Perdagangan Subang Permai, Shah Alam - 40150,Selangor, Malaysia

Clinic Medi i Shah Alam 4778
Birthmark Removal

A birthmark is a benign irregularity on the skin which is present at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month. They can occur anywhere on the skin. You may not realize it but removing your birthmark can be liberating as it frees you from years of fear.

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Hair Face Clinic

No.B 1 21, Pelangi Square Damansara Jln.PJU 6 Persiaran Surian, Petaling Jaya - 47810,Selangor, Malaysia

Hair Face Clinic Petaling Jaya 4759
Birthmark Removal -MYR 750/- To MYR 1000/-

Some birthmarks do not look good and you try hard to remove it. They sometimes spoil your look. It even makes you self-conscious. There are different kinds of birthmarks. If you are not happy with your birthmark, you can remove it with birthmark removal procedure.

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Anna Hoo Clinic

D,1,51, Block Dahlia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint, PJU 6A,, Petaling Jaya - 47400,Selangor, Malaysia

Anna Hoo Clinic Petaling Jaya 12067
Birthmark Removal Birthmarks are often referred to irregularity of the skin. These are actually misnomer as some actually appears after birth. These irregularities may form from abnormal pigments or blood vessels and they stand out from the surrounding skin, causing emotional unease. For ease of description, we shall refer them collectively as birthmarks Read More

Dew Wellness

DEMC Specialist Hospital Shah Alam No.4 Jalan Ikhtisas, Seksyen 14,, Selayang - 40000,Selangor, Malaysia

Dew Wellness Selayang
Birthmark Removal

There are different kinds of birthmarkslike port wine stain birthmarks, strawberry birthmarks, coffee and cream birthmark, spider naevi birthmarks, and many more. If you are not happy with your birthmark, you can remove it with birthmark removal procedure.

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Revival Clinic Shah Alam

33G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BF31 Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam - 40460,Selangor, Malaysia

Revival Clinic Shah Alam Shah Alam
Birthmark Removal

If you have a big and darker birth mark, then it is better to eliminate it. Although birth make is natural, but for many people it leaves them lacking with confidence. There are different kinds of birthmark and removing them and their procedure is different.

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MCU Clinic

Lot LG2 122A Lower Ground 2 Sunway Pyramid 3 Jalan PJS11 15 Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya - 46150 ,Selangor, Malaysia

MCU Clinic Petaling Jaya 4757
Birthmark Removal

Marks that are the result of excessive accumulation of melanin are known as pigmented birthmarks. These birthmarks are black or brown in appearance. Some birthmarks are lighter due to lack of melanin. It can be removed with birthmark procedure.

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Cosmedic Aesthetic and laser

F101, 1st Floor, Centrepoint, No. 3, Leboh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, , Petaling Jaya - 47800,Selangor, Malaysia

Cosmedic Aesthetic and laser Petaling Jaya
Birthmark Removal Pigmented birthmarks are darker coloured skin spots that are present at birth or develop shortly after birth. They come in many different colours, including brown, tan or black. Topical products are usually of no value in treatment of pigmented birthmarks while cosmetic camouflage may offer temporary cover-up. Read More

DEMC Specialist Hospital

No 4, Jalan Ikhtisas Seksyen 14, Shah Alam - 40000,Selangor, Malaysia

DEMC Specialist Hospital Shah Alam 4773
Birthmark Removal

Some birthmarks are composed of blood vessels and are called vascular birthmarks. They are generally red, blue, or purple. Other birthmarks are composed of lymphatic tissue (cystic hygroma), breast tissue, and epidermal tissue, which are often yellow to flesh-colored.It can be removed with birthmark procedure.

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Klinik Kulit Renu

3A, 1st Floor, Lebuh Bangau Taman Berkeley, Klang - 41150,Selangor, Malaysia

Klinik Kulit Renu Klang 12066
Birthmark Removal

The treatment of birthmarks depends on the nature of the tissue involved. Generally, measures that destroy the involved cells of the birthmark are required for both pigmented and vascular birthmarks. Either scalpel surgery, lasers, and rarely radiation can be helpful for birthmark removal.

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Dr. Azizah Sulaiman

F101, 1st Floor, Centrepoint, No. 3, Leboh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, , Petaling Jaya - 47800,Selangor, Malaysia

Azizah Sulaiman Petaling Jaya 17240 1
Birthmark Removal

Birthmark is a perfectly safe and affordable treatment. Anesthetic cream is applied to minimize discomfort.There can be some minor side effects such as bruising, though these aren't long-lasting. Its also generally best to avoid strong sunlight (or at least use high SPF sun cream) and steers clear of tanning beds in the months immediately after treatment.

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