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Dermarte Clinic

Sophocles 115 Polanco, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dermarte Clinic Mexico City 12107
Mole Removal Moles or nevi are of consultation with dermatologists as there are different types and must know how to tell them apart. All human beings have moles and some data to know when to see a dermatologist are guided in the ABCDE rule. Asymmetry, when moles are not round. Read More

Dr Mauro Armenta

Office 235, 2nd Floor. Calzada Acoxpa 430 Col. Ex Hacienda Coapa. Tlalpan, Mexico City - 14308,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dr Mauro Armenta Mexico City 12111
Mole Removal There are a variety of pigmented skin lesions, the vast majority are benign. Aesthetically moles and lesions, usually unpleasant for some people, so that removal by surgery offers its disappearance. The scar resulting from surgery often be hidden in natural skin folds so they are virtually imperceptible to the eye. Read More

Medico Plastica

Av Ejercito Nacional 613 703, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Medico Plastica Mexico City 3426
Mole Removal

Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, from the nose and other facial area, as well as arms and chest areas, in groups, or by themselves. Some moles go unnoticed, however some are bothersome. The procedure of mole removal can actually help you get rid of unattractive moles.

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Imagen Perfect

Pestalozzi 858 Col. Narvarte, Mexico City - 11520,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Imagen Perfect Mexico City 12106
Mole Removal

Mole removal, whether by laser or other surgery procedures, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that provides a solution to people wanting to improve their appearance and reduce associated health risks.

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Wart Removal

A dermatologist can tell whether you have a wart by looking at it. In rare cases, a dermatologist may need to perform a skin biopsy to be certain. If a dermatologist needs to perform a biopsy, the docRead more

Dr. Rafael Arteaga

Sophocles 115 Polanco, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Rafael Arteaga Mexico City 17293 1
Mole Removal

Moles are basically clusters of pigmented cells that appear as small, dark spots on the skin, and can vary greatly in size and color. It can appear on the face, arms, legs, or anywhere in the body. The ugly moles can be removed with mole removal procedure.

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Dr. Neredi Morales

Sophocles 115 Polanco, Mexico City - 10700,Distrito Federal, Mexico

Neredi Morales Mexico City 17294 1
Mole Removal

The moles are generally harmless; however in some exceptional cases they can become precancerous, necessitating surgical removal. If you are contemplating removal of moles, you can do it with laser treatment as we all as radio frequency.

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