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Art Aesthetics Aesthetic Medicine

Gdansk 80, Lodz - 90613,Lodzkie, Poland

Art Aesthetics Aesthetic Medicine Lodz
Botox Commonly used name Botox (Botox) is actually reserved for the preparation of Allergan, but in colloquial meaning in terms of botulinum toxin type A , used in aesthetic medicine to dismantle and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Botulinum toxin was first used in medicine in 1973 in order to treatment of strabismus. In the 80s the use of this substance was reported successfully treated patients with neurological diseases such as dystonia limbs, torticollis or cerebral palsy. Read More

Crystal Clinic

Kasprzaka 7 9, Lodz - 91078,Lodzkie, Poland

Crystal Clinic Lodz 12361
Botox The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin is to shock skeletal muscle, thereby inhibiting the transmission of nerve impulses through the synaptic connections to the part of the motor plate neuromuscular. Read More

Dr. Edyta Santorek

Gdansk 80, Lodz - 90613,Lodzkie, Poland

Edyta Santorek Lodz 17557 1

A quick, safe and simple procedure involving Botox Muscle Relaxing injections can smooth out those lines and wrinkles on the upper part of your face, giving you a more relaxed and youthful appearance which can last for several months. Contact Edyta Santorek today, to book appointment with our Botox specialist.

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Plastic Surgery Clinic Este larte

ul. Aleksandrowska 167,, Lodz - 91-229,Lodzkie, Poland

Plastic Surgery Clinic Este larte Lodz 10256

Botox is frequently used for reducing fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. There are several other places that Botox treatment can also be placed to enhance aesthetic appearance. Contact Plastic Surgery Clinic Este larte today, to book appointment with our Botox specialist.

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