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Dr Catherine Andrzejewicz

Street Mother Teresa of Calcutta 18 lok 12, Lublin - 20538,Lubelskie, Poland

Dr Catherine Andrzejewicz Lublin
Stretch Marks Removal The treatment consists of skin ostrzykiwaniu changes along different formulations to increase the production of fibroblasts and regeneration kolegenu and elastin. The best results are achieved in the treatment of fresh stretch marks, or as soon as possible after the onset of change. Read More

Dr Ilona Osadowska

20 ul. Tarczynska, Warsaw - 02029,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dr Ilona Osadowska Warsaw
Stretch Marks Removal The problem of stretch marks is relatively common, even in young women with healthy skin. Particularly troublesome it is when it comes to severe discoloration and a clear change in the structure of the skin. We currently use a new, effective methods - Infini and fractional laser CO, which, with patience allow the patient to completely remove stretch marks. Read More

Beauty Factory

11A ul. Emilia Sczanieckiej, Poznan - 60215,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Beauty Factory Poznan
Stretch Marks Removal spindle-shaped band, appearing most commonly on the skin of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and breasts. In the case of people who practice bodybuilding or strength sports stretch marks most often occur on the inside of the arms, under the arms, chest, shoulders, inner thighs. Read More

Holistic Clinic

Al. Zwyciestwa 241,6, Gdynia - 81521,Pomorskie, Poland

Holistic Clinic Gdynia 10226
Stretch Marks Removal

Do you want to permanently get rid of stretch marks? Arent your stretch marks fading naturally? Are your stretch marks leading to troubles like itching? Then you should undergo Stretch Mark Reduction. Contact Holistic Clinic today, to clear all your queries.

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Dr. Dawid Murawa

11A ul. Emilia Sczanieckiej, Poznan - 60215,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Dawid Murawa Poznan 17559 1
Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch marks make skin look ugly, patchy and uneven. But there is a remedy available to treat stretch marks and you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Contact Dawid Murawa today, and discuss your problem freely with our experts.

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Dr Michal Tarkiewicz

Street Krasinski 2 lok 17, Lublin - 20709,Lubelskie, Poland

Dr Michal Tarkiewicz Lublin
Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch mark removal treatment offers visible improvement right after first round of treatment. It helps you achieve smoother and softer skin; that too with minimum discomfort. There wont be any discoloration and procedure is quick and pain free. Contact Dr Michal Tarkiewicz today, to clear all your queries.

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Derm Clinic

ul. Labiszynska 2,, Bydgoszcz - 85304,Kujawsko-pomorskie, Poland

Derm Clinic Bydgoszcz
Stretch Marks Removal

With a stretch mark removal treatment, you can get a better-looking and smoother skin. Typically, a sudden change in the body size lead to stretch marks and almost all pregnant women get stretch marks post-delivery. Contact Derm Clinic today, for clear understanding on stretch mark reduction treatment.

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Dr. Teresa Trzcinska

Street. Upalna 13 lok. V U , Bialystok - 15668 ,Podlaskie, Poland

Teresa Trzcinska Bialystok 17554 1
Stretch Marks Removal

More and more people are opting for stretch mark removal in order to regain skin confidence. Recent advancements in the treatment and removal of stretch marks have shown to produce excellent results. Contact Teresa Trzcinska today, and discuss your problem freely with our experts.

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Beauty Salon Teresa

Street. Upalna 13 lok. V U , Bialystok - 15668 ,Podlaskie, Poland

Beauty Salon Teresa Bialystok 12357
Stretch Marks Removal Intensive firming and toning the skin tissue, thus prevents the occurrence of stretch marks. Improves the structure of tissues, it smoothes the skins surface to facilitate alignment of existing stretch marks by stimulating cellular activity. Indications: skin requiring firmness, weak connective tissue, stretch marks. Read More

Dr. Marta N

ul. Kosciuszko 4 1 B entrance from the street Dworcowa, Sopot - 81704,Pomorskie, Poland

Marta N Sopot 17538 1
Stretch Marks Removal

Marta N is here to help you, and discuss your options honestly. We would explain the risks the benefits and guide you to look and feel your best. Contact us if youre looking for stretch mark removal treatment.

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