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Dr Marcin Ambroziak

al gen w sikorskiego 13 u1, Warsaw - 02758,Mazowieckie, Poland

Dr Marcin Ambroziak Warsaw
Treatment for Wrinkles Hyaluronic acid occurs in the skin in a natural way - is an essential component of the skin, which maintains the proper level of hydration and firmness. Unfortunately, with age, the amount thereof gradually decreases, so that the skin dries out, becomes looser, wrinkles appear and the cheeks and lips lose their volume. Read More


Ogrodowa 7, Warsaw - 00893,Mazowieckie, Poland

Estetimed Warsaw 12348
Treatment for Wrinkles As we grow older, the level of skin hydration decreases, fatty tissue is reduced and shifts downwards, which makes the face lose its volume and oval. The features become sharper and the face looks much older. Read More

DERMIQ Medical Center

Wielicka 38, Warsaw - 02657,Mazowieckie, Poland

DERMIQ Medical Center Warsaw 12353
Treatment for Wrinkles Wrinkles - are associated with the activity of facial muscles and facial expressions are formed during the movements of the facial muscles; often they appear first, before age 30; most often they occur around the eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Read More

Prestige Clinic

Rajska 73,, Wroclaw - 54-028,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Prestige Clinic Wroclaw
Treatment for Wrinkles With the passage of time, on a human face begins to show lines and wrinkles that some time deepen, forming unsightly wrinkles. Operation specific muscle groups and action of gravity makes some parts of our face lose tone and the correct voltage. The skin becomes less firm and less elastic, and this effect is enhanced by harmful agents such as UV radiation, cigarette smoke or polluted air. Read More

High Med

Kasprowicza 27 lok 2, Warsaw - 01817,Mazowieckie, Poland

High Med Warsaw 12351
Treatment for Wrinkles

Dr Piotr Knast

ul. U2, Kamienskiego 219,, Wroclaw - 51-126,Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Dr Piotr Knast Wroclaw 10191
Treatment for Wrinkles

Dr Santa Pernak

Al. Grunwaldzka 549, Gdansk - 80254,Pomorskie, Poland

Dr Santa Pernak Gdansk
Treatment for Wrinkles

Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet Borczyk

ul. Lapwings 5,, Katowice - 40-723,Slaskie, Poland

Aesthetic Medicine Cabinet Borczyk Katowice
Treatment for Wrinkles

Edd Med

ul. Copernicus 38,, Lodz - 90-552,Lodzkie, Poland

Edd Med Lodz
Treatment for Wrinkles

Centrum Laser

7 1 ul. Matejki , Poznan - 61612,Wielkopolskie, Poland

Centrum Laser Poznan 12358
Treatment for Wrinkles
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