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Artis 3

Str Republicii nr 82B, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Artis 3 Cluj-napoca 10747
Chemical Peel It is very important to find a physician who has the necessary training and experience sufficient to rejuvenate the face. It may be that your plastic surgeon to give you a certain technique I suggest peeling or more to get the best result. It is important to discuss, from initial consultation with your surgeon what you want to get after the intervention. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have, you express all the anguish related to the intervention. Ask your plastic artist to explain both the procedure to be performed and the associated risks and benefits, the recovery period and the cost of intervention. If you are prone to herpes you should inform your doctor before surgery. Read More

Clinica MediSpa

str Ion Budai Deleanu nr 2A, Cluj-napoca - 400474,Cluj, Romania

Clinica MediSpa Cluj-napoca 10784
Chemical Peel Chemical peels is an ancient skin rejuvenation procedure that consists of applying a chemical to the skin with a known concentration and precision. The aim of the procedure is destroying the superficial or deep skin, followed by healing without scarring production with improving its overall texture and appearance. Read More

Skin Light

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Skin Light Cluj-napoca 12415
Chemical Peel Chemical peels is to improve facial skin texture and smoothness, and other areas, by removing (peeling controlled) superficial layers of the skin, by applying one or more skin peels. The new cells that are formed during the healing process of the skin surface producing a smoother, wider and looking younger, even if not all the imperfections have been removed. Read More

Clinica Medestet

str Nicolae Pascaly nr 7, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Clinica Medestet Cluj-napoca 10786
Chemical Peel Chemical peel consists of applying to the skin of acids (glycolic, trichloroacetic and phenol), producing a tightly controlled burning with a depth which will result in healing and skin rejuvenation extent by the action at the microscopic level. Read More

Dr. Maria Ciopartac

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Maria Ciopartac Cluj-napoca 17604 1
Chemical Peel

Skin imperfections can really spoil the peace of your mind. Sometimes, natural remedies do not give effective results and it becomes important to peel-off the damaged skin so a fresher look can be achieved. With the help of chemical skin peels, you can get a clearer, plumper and brighter skin.

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Dr. Irina Ionescu

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Irina Ionescu Cluj-napoca 17605 1
Chemical Peel

Advanced Chemical Skin Peels Treatment is a high quality service, designed especially to improve the skin complexion, de-tanning, Age control, pimple, pigmentation reduction among others.

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