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Skin Light

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Skin Light Cluj-napoca 12415
Laser Hair Removal Excessive hair growth is a major problem for many people, both women and men. It can be found in healthy persons, and those with hormonal imbalances due to certain disease (polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, hyperplasia congenital adrenal Cushings syndrome), problems of insulin resistance or side effects drug (steroids, L-thyroxine, minoxidil, phenytoin), heredity or physiological aging. Read More

Dr Ianosi Simona

Bd. Carol I nr. 99, , Craiova - 200,Dolj, Romania

Dr Ianosi Simona Craiova 12428
Laser Hair Removal Removing unwanted hair on the body is a problem for both women and men. In most cases the excess of hair on the body or the girl is the result of hereditary factors (inherited) or consequence of diseases, endocrinological often Read More

Academica Medical Center

Pitar Mos No. 20 District 1, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Academica Medical Center Bucharest 12414
Laser Hair Removal

Do you want to permanently get rid of the unwanted hair? Is lack of time your all-time excuse to postpone your waxing appointment? Then you could use laser hair removal treatment. Contact Academica Medical Center today, to book an appointment with our expert.

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Exclusive Aesthetics Clinic

Str. Herastrau No.1 4th floor, press 10, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Exclusive Aesthetics Clinic Bucharest 12418
Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving your hair, which grow back again and again? Then you should consider having laser hair removal treatment. Contact Exclusive Aesthetics Clinic today, to clear all your queries. 

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Nova Derm

str. Grozesti nr 43,, Constanta - 900561,Constanta, Romania

Nova Derm Constanta 12424
Laser Hair Removal

If you are aiming to get smoother, hair-free skin from head to toe, then Laser Hair Reduction is worth trying, as nobody really enjoys having a hairy skin. Contact Nova Derm today, to clear all your queries.

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Ego Clinic

Bd. No. virtue. 15 Bl 6A sc. 4, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Ego Clinic Bucharest
Laser Hair Removal

Apart from creating a bad impression, hairy skin makes you feel highly uncomfortable yourself. To get over uneasiness and achieve hair-free skin you should get laser hair removal. Contact Ego Clinic today, to clear all your queries.

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Grosu Dermatology Clinic

Str Romulus 34A, Timisoara - 300203,Timis, Romania

Grosu Dermatology Clinic Timisoara 12427
Laser Hair Removal The principle of action is that the hair (melanin thereof) absorbs light emitted by the device and converts it into heat, thus destroying the hair from the root. There are factors that may influence treatment duration (number of treatments necessary) such as hair thickness, the area treated and the rate of hair growth. In general, as there is thicker and more melanin in the hair (is darker) with both hair removal process is more efficient. There are benefits and if the cell is lighter. Read More

ABeauty clinics

Strada Nicolae Iorga No 261, Bucu - 500223,Ialomita, Romania

ABeauty clinics Bucu 12416
Laser Hair Removal Permanent hair removal clinics aBeauty network is using one of the best equipment on the market. Technology is one recently developed and gives both the client and specialist in grooming a large number of benefits. Read More

Dr. Maria Ciopartac

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Maria Ciopartac Cluj-napoca 17604 1
Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment helps you achieve smoother and softer skin. Its the Latest in motion technology which helps you achieve the result with minimal discomfort. The procedure is quick and Pain-free. Contact Maria Ciopartac today, to clear all your queries.

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Dr. Irina Ionescu

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Irina Ionescu Cluj-napoca 17605 1
Laser Hair Removal

At Irina Ionescu,Get advice on how to treat your condition from expert in laser hair removal today. Our board certified doctor would help you achieve your dream contour, and rest assured of having gratifying experience.

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