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Clinica MediSpa

str Ion Budai Deleanu nr 2A, Cluj-napoca - 400474,Cluj, Romania

Clinica MediSpa Cluj-napoca 10784
Rosacea Treatment Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by episodes of exacerbation and remission Rosacea is a medical condition easily controlled by administering the correct treatment Rosacea usually begins with the appearance of erythematous lesions reddish (flush) characteristic lesions of rosacea affects predominantly the central region face and nose Rosacea associated most often a rash acneiform (like acne) and telagieactazii (dilated vascular purple-reddish). Rosacea is often mistaken for acne, sunburn face and red cheeks constitutional Rosacea can be induced alcohol, spicy foods, strenuous and emotional warmth Read More

Bioderm Centers

Calea Floreasca 111 113 Sector 1, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Bioderm Centers Bucharest
Rosacea Treatment Rosacea is a common inflammatory disorder that occurs most often in people with lighter skin, but sometimes and in those with darker skin. Often embarrassing, affects quality of life, social relationships or occupational, and in time, untreated, can cause irreversible effects. Read More

Derma Team

str. George Baritiu. 24, ap. 1, Cluj-napoca - 400604,Cluj, Romania

Derma Team Cluj-napoca 12420
Rosacea Treatment inflammatory and pustular lesions appear, similar to pimples. IPL quickly resolve inflammation and cause drying pustules (via high temperature heat destroys bacteria and parasite demodex folliculorum that aggravate the disease) in 2-3 sessions at interval of three weeks, followed by treatment with specific antibiotics long , cream sulfacetamida- sulfur, azelaic acid, etc. Read More

Skin Light

Marin Preda No. 10,12 4, Cluj-napoca - 400431,Cluj, Romania

Skin Light Cluj-napoca 12415
Rosacea Treatment The main feature of this disease is erythema (redness) centrofacial that lasts several months and is distributed on areas convex nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Read More

Dr Popa Corina

Calea Aradului Nr 30, Timisoara - 300645,Timis, Romania

Dr Popa Corina Timisoara 12429
Rosacea Treatment

Class MediSpa

Povernei Street Nr. 24, Ap. 1 District 1, Bucharest - 010644,Bucuresti, Romania

Class MediSpa Bucharest
Rosacea Treatment

Blu Med Clinic

Dudesti way, Nr. 145, floor 2 Intercom 104, Sector 3, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Blu Med Clinic Bucharest
Rosacea Treatment

Dr. Monica Agapie

Calea Floreasca 111 113 Sector 1, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Monica Agapie Bucharest 17599 1
Rosacea Treatment

Dr. Mihail Alecu

Calea Floreasca 111 113 Sector 1, Bucharest - 10518,Bucuresti, Romania

Mihail Alecu Bucharest 17600 1
Rosacea Treatment

Dr. Ruxandra Cutus

str. George Baritiu. 24, ap. 1, Cluj-napoca - 400604,Cluj, Romania

Ruxandra Cutus Cluj-napoca 17609 1
Rosacea Treatment
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